The latest Filipino-Argentine professional boxing events full Manny Pacquiao, better known as Pacman entered this fight with a pro record of 60-7(3KOS)-2, 39KNOCKOUTS. Lucas Matthysse, has the same impressive boxing fight record of 39-5(2KOS)-0, 36 KNOCKOUTS.

On the first and second round, Lucas Martin Matthysse of Argentina draw an impressive form of fighting melee style, But Manny Pacquiao(Pacman) a Filipino hero is very strong to anticipate Matthysse on his heavy punch and knockdown his rival Argentina’s Lucas Matthysse third and fifth round during their world welterweight boxing championship.

After two consecutive knockdowns, Matthysse looked more frustrated and mentally defeated than he was hurt. And finally, the referee stop the fight on the seventh round after Lucas Matthysse dropped again thrown his mouth guard a sign of surrender while referee Kenny Bayless counting 1 to 10.

At last, after nine years Manny Pacquiao engraves newest scores of a knockout victory over Lucas Matthysse of Argentina. Boxing Fans react, of the return to the ring after a year’s absence of Philippine Pambansang Kamao.


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