ACB 88: Absolute Championship Berkut(Fight Club Berkut) a MMA Mixed martial arts events – Brisbane, Australia featuring the main event of the evening under 145lbs weight class Michael Mannu vs. Michael Tobin(ACB 88) full fight – Saturday June 16, 2018.

Aussie BJJ ace Michael Tobin (14-2, #528 World) worked this ACB 88 fight to the mat immediately and put Michael Mannue (4-2) into fight finishing danger just as promptly.

Once Tobin was working on an armlock from mounted reverse triangle position it was just a matter of time. Mannue fought valiantly, but midway through round 1 he was forced to tap to the straight armbar submission.

With the win, Tobin records a second straight submission in the ACB cage to advanced to 2-2 in Russia’s premier fight promotion.

Michael Mannu vs. Michael Tobin ACB88 Fight Video.
Watch ACB 88 Brisbane, Australia Free Stream Replay.


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