Absolute Championship Berkut – ACB (Fight Club Berkut) a MMA Mixed martial arts events – Brisbane, Australia featuring the main event of the evening under 205lbs weight class Luke Barnatt vs Karol Celinski(ACB 88) full fight – Saturday June 16, 2018.

In the ACB 88 main event, surging Polish light heavyweight Karol Celinski scored with early punches against characteristically plodding Brit Luke “Bigslow” Barnatt, but it took a full three minutes before he connected with the sort of staggering right hand that left Barnatt wobbly.

Celinski smelled blood and charged forward looking for the finish with power punches. But he was unable to seal the deal as Barnatt hung on to the round 1 bell while ref Herb Dean peered intently. Another huge right landed for Celinski two minutes into round 2, but this time he stayed patient and chipped away with jabs and uppercuts instead of pursuing the KO.

The game of high-stakes kickboxing chicken continued in the third, with Barnatt picking up steam while Celinski slowed some.

But the Brit was unable to find the finish, and Karol Celinski walked away with a fourth straight prominent win in the ACB cage thanks to a majority decision nod.

Luke Barnatt vs Karol Celinski ACB Fight Video.
Watch ACB 88 Brisbane, Australia Free Stream Replay.


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