Absolute Championship Berkut: ACB (Fight Club Berkut) a MMA Mixed martial arts events – Brisbane, Australia featuring the main event of the evening under 170lbs weight class Kieran Joblin vs Adam Townsend(ACB 88) full fight – Saturday June 16, 2018.

Aspiring Tennessee politician Adam Townsend (19-5, #82 World) is plenty good at his day job, too. Townsend let Kieran Joblin (21-11, #218 World) know just how much power he packs with a compact left hook that dropped the Aussie against the cage within the first 20 seconds of this ACB 88 contest.

From there Townsend switched gears to his tried-and-true grappling game, which he used to secure multiple takedowns and plenty of top position in round 1.

Joblin’s response was to shoot for his own takedowns, but Townsend sprawled beautifully and reversed each of Joblin’s attempts. The American never came close to finishing “The Stonecutter”, but he’s used to exerting his dominance over long stretches of fight time.

The usual solid technical and tactical performance from Townsend was good enough to earn him a clear unanimous decision win, a solid bounceback after he lost via majority decision against ACB contender Arbi Agujev in his last outing.

Kieran Joblin vs Adam Townsend ACB88 Fight Video.
Watch ACB 88 Brisbane, Australia Free Stream Replay.


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