The 2018 Franco Maximiliano Ocampo vs Ricardo German Soria full latest male Argentina boxing, fight on “Welterweight Contest, 6 Rounds” of boxing schedule, rival match-up, final recap result tonight at Club Union, Goya, Corrientes, Argentina.

Here he bring you the information where you can see the boxing match live and live between Franco Maximiliano Ocampo and Ricardo German Soria, the fight will take place this Saturday May 19, 2018 at 8:00 p.m. Mexico.

The boxing match between Ricardo German Soria vs. Franco Maximiliano Ocampo will be held from Club Union, Goya, Corrientes, Argentina, under the promotion of O.R. Promotions – Osvaldo Rivero, undoubtedly a great fight where Ricardo German Soria and Franco Maximiliano Ocampo will look to win the fight with everything.

Franco Maximiliano Ocampo vs Ricardo German Soria Full Fight – May 26, 2018


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