The Cruiserweight fight tonight Nikodem Jeżewski v Demetrious Banks fight on – May 04 for 8 rounds of boxing cruiserweight division. Commission (?). Under Fight Events – Marcin Piwek. Official broadcast television (?), Friday of May 04 at Koscierzyna, Poland.

The Hala Sportowa Sokolnia, ul. Wladyslawa Sikorskiego 20 boxing cruiserweight contest world ranked no.124 male 26-year-old Nikodem Jezewski (14-0-1, 8KOS) looking forward to this fight against Detroit, Michigan, USA contender Demetrius Banks, 37-year-old super cruiserweight world ranked no.240 (9-5(2KO)-0, 4KOS). The orthodox male fighting stars are aiming to continue an impressive form and put on a great fight for their boxing fans.

Nikodem Jezewski v Demetrius Banks

Friday 04, May 2018

Cruiserweight Contest, 8 Rounds

Referee: Grzegorz Molenda
Promoter: Fight Events – Marcin Piwek.
Doctor: ?
Inspector: Krzysztof Krasnicki

Television: ?

Judges Scorecard
80 Krzysztof Bubak 72
80 Wlodzimierz Kromka 72
77 Przemyslaw Moszumanski 75

Fight Result: Nikodem Jezewski had defeated Demetrious Banks via unanimous decision(UD) 8 rounds of boxing.


(video courtesy:Polsat Sport) Nikodem Jeżewski vs Demetrious Banks(2018-05-04) Full Fight