Spurs vs Rockets game playoffs Full Game NBA Replay – May 03, 2017


2016-2017 NBA regular season playoffs round, San Antonio Spurs vs Houston Rockets (games-playoffs) May 02, 2017 Wednesday night at AT&T Center full replay, result, and recap final score.Spurs vs Rockets

SAN ANTONIO– The MVP debate is over, regardless of who you believe should win. The votes are cast, the games that counted towards it are done. The NBA’s premier award for the regular season should not factor into our analysis for this second-round matchup between the Rockets and Spurs. It’s moot.

NBA replay full games Spurs vs Rockets
But in San Antonio’s 121-96 victory over Houston to even the series 1-1 on Wednesday, one thing became clear: Kawhi Leonard is the most valuable player in this matchup.

Rockets attack, ran the Spurs out of the building in Game 1. The gambit in Game 2 was whether to put Leonard on Harden a greater amount, risking both fatigued, which could impact his offense and foul trouble.

They took the risk and matched up their star on Houston;s star and James Harden finished Game 2 with 13 points on 3-of-17 shooting, and while he did have 10 assists, he was a minus-13.