Adrien Broner vs. Adrian Granados Full Fight video, replay, result, recap February 18, 2017


Rank #4 WBC light welterweight champion, (32-2, 24 KOs)Adrien Broner vs Adrian Granados ranked #4 WBA, #7 WBC with a stats record (18-4-2, 12 KOs) Adrian Granados will match at Cinncinati, USA prepared by ‘Showtime’ time and date February 18, 2017 10PM.

Adrien Broner vs. Adrian Granados
Adrien Broner vs. Adrian Granados Full Fight video, replay, result, recap February 18, 2017.

Adrian Granados(27), Adrien Broner(27) supposedly will fight 142lb, but team Broner request to change it into 147lb. Granados has 4″ height and reach advantage against his contender Broner, But nevertheless Broner has an advantage in KO’s percentage versus Granados.

Adrien Broner confident he can win against Granados after a victory against Ashley Theophane in vacant WBA World super lightweight title last April 1, 2016 8 months ago. On Granados side, He wants to Knock down A. Broner, because he feels victory of this fight may change his boxing career. Back on 2015 he already did a great history after beating by (TKO)26 year old ‘Amir Imam’ super lightweight no losses that time at round 8th, and then won by Unanimous Decision(UD) to Ariel Vasquez(12-15-2 9KOs).

Granados-Broner no one would give a chance to take some advantage of their upcoming fight. Granados is a good boxing fighter, But he is not a heavy KO puncher while Broner he has 69% huge KO punching percentage compare to Granados, But both fighters good in throwing combination style

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Final Previews: February 18 2017 is the final exact recap, no one can set the final winner after that day. Ether you with Granados or Broner fans, let me say this thank you for reading previews…

Round By Round Recap


Adrien Broner comes out in a Kodak Black costume, and wouldn’t you know it, he’s accompanied by Kodak Black for our listening pleasure…

Round 1: Broner comes out with a very focused look on his face before the opening bell rings. Granados comes out doing what he does, throws punches. Granados seems to want to fight at center ring, not chasing Broner to the ropes which were tightened between fights. Granados thows nearly a dozen punches, then a few more. Not landing so clear but Broner hadn’t been able to throw much himself a he’s been on the defensive. Hard right hook lands in an exchange for Granados. Granados 10-9.

Round 2: Broner trying to start this round quicker knowing that he didn’t get off much in round one, pumps some jabs. Sharp left hooks land for Broner. Broner rolls a right hand, lands his own counter right. Granados throwing body punches in the clinch as Broner just holds. Nice right hand from Granados. Broner holding on tight to keep Granados from working on the inside, but he can’t stop Granados completely. Close round. Sharper punches come from Broner, more punches come from Granados . Granados throws a late flurry to steal it for me. Granados 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: This fight is a little similar to the Maidana fight in that Granados’ sheer volume is a little troublesome for Broner. Nice jabs land for Broner. Granados’ nose is busted. Hard counter right lands for Broner. Broner lands an uppercut, trying to tee-off a little here. Granados comes back, bullies Broner to the ropes, throwing a ton of punches at Broner. Referee splits the fighters. Hard counter right lands for Broner. Broner inflicted more damage in this round. Broner 10-9.

Round 4: Replay indicates Granados’ nose cut came from a head butt. Hard punches land for Broner but Granados come right back after him. This fight is heating up quick.Granados trying to work Broner on the inside. Hard left hook to the body lands for Granados. Broner shoves his forearm in Granados’ face, referee doesn’t say anything. Granados dances on Broner in the ring. I’m giving the edge to Broner. Broner 10-9, 38-38.

Round 5: Granados is throwing a lot more punches than Broner but Broner starting to land the more eye catching shots. Granados gets Broner back on the ropes, leans on him, throws some shots. Both fighters going to to toe on the inside. Hard left hook lands for Broner. Broner lands some sneaky body punches to end the round, steals the round for Broner in my eyes. Broner 10-9.

Round 6: Close fight as we close in on the half-way point. Both fighters in each other’s faces, working hard. Referee warns Granados for punching behind the head. Granados continues to work hard on the inside. Broner trying to hold Grandos’ head when he’s not punching. Granados lands a left, Broner pushes him back. Broner sneaks in his own few punches. Hard left hook lands for Broner, Granados takes it well. Two uppercuts land for Broner. Close, close round. Could really go either way. I’m giving it to Broner by the slimmest of margins because of clean punching. Broner 10-9, 58-56.

Round 7: Granados dancing around the ring a lot in this round, lands a sneaky jab. Granados dances some more, stops and pops a few more punches. Broner seems to want to trade on the inside. Nice left hook to the body lands for Granados. Broner lands a nice right uppercut. Broner trying to put a little more pressure on Granados now. Granados throws a four punch combination, partially lands. Granados throws another combination to end the round. Granados 10-9.

Round 8: Check hook from Broner. Granados lunges forward with two punches, then a few more. Now Granados has Broner along the ropes and tries to strafe him. Broner tries to time Granados with a counter right hand, doesn’t land clean. Granados trying to walk right to Broner to put the pressure on. Broner lands two punches, Granados shakes his head to say it doesn’t phase him. Hard right to the body from Broner. Both fighters trade punches along the ropes to end the round. I think Broner edges it. Broner 10-9, 77-75.

Round 9: Granados trying to go back to work. Throws a bunch of punches but Broner lands a couple of clean shots in between. Granados grinding out punches up close as Broner tries to hold. Granados leaning in and Broner trying to catch him with uppercuts, he’s getting closer. Granados throws a whole bunch! Broner sneaks in a sharp punch to the body. Granados pulled out this round with his workrate. Granados 10-9, 85-86.

Round 10: Referee stops the action to get loose tape cut from Broner’s glove. Granados lands a right, then Broner does. Granados runs right at Broner get tangled, hits Broner with his free hand to the body. Granados throwing everything he had left to win this round. Granados looking tired, but he’s earned it. The punch stats should be pretty crazy as he’s been throwing a ton! Broner tries to sneak in a flurry, doesn’t land too clean. Now Broner trying step on the gas to end the fight. Whooh! Another tough round to score. I think Broner’s late flurry steals the round and edges the fight. Broner 10-9. BLH has it 96-94 for Broner.

The Final Fight Scorecard

Judges 1: 97-93
Judges 2: 93-97
Judges 3: 96-94

Final Score Decision Result:
Broner beat Granados 97-93, 93-97, 96-94, landing 20 percent more punches (41-21) on the evening and doing so despite claiming he injured his hand with a hard left hook in the first round. Broner said he was forced to keep the fight inside from that point forward, and he succeeded doing just that with a number of uppercuts and short hooks that kept Granados at bay.


Adrien Broner vs. Adrian Granados Full Fight video, replay