Celtics vs Nuggets Full Game – November 7, 2016


Don’t miss out, NBA regular season series of 2016-2017 Boston Celtics at Denver Nuggets schedule match on game match-up Nov.7,2016 4:30 PM PT.

Monday’s most exciting and super intense nba replay November 7 2016 celtics vs nuggets full games, score, recap, highlights may be available online after basketball event.

Celtics Nuggets ready to invest full force gratitude game, @TD Garden Boston, MA, USA, to make their fans fulfill of game match-up first round NBA series 2016-2017.

Celtics vs Nuggets

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Denver Nuggets to a big first half on their way to a 123-107 victory over the injury-depleted Boston Celtics.

Best player of the game:
Mudiay scored 24 of his season-high 30 points in the opening quarter Sunday night while helping the Denver Nuggets.

NBA Replay Full Games

Part 1:

Part 2:
[fvplayer src=”https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/WIjdz9VsE7Faw40w58GObKEju7TNFjee4oCJ5BnKdpfgPEmL3Z5Yq0fRecfVnH2LN33AMRiYqalM=m18?c=WEB&cver=html5″ height=”480″]

Part 3:
[fvplayer src=”https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/yXzgm–H6HmtmVV-1WDPXVrvX1APhRpjOFPgdZMdSTJWGP3YfCDzzFyvuSR2wDb8_uCdPn4bizv-=m18?c=WEB&cver=html5″ height=”480″]

Part 4:
[fvplayer src=”https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/fyOTdLBsS0jpFG7vVMa5utDOqzhchhLWZ-Y8cs1lu-xtrpC6NR6foiwDUuXOz2QwjDznfKa4cSqB=m18?c=WEB&cver=html5″ height=”480″]

Final Boxscore Result:

Boston CelticsFinal ScoreDenver Nuggets
231st Quarter42
292nd Quarter35
313rd Quarter26
244th Quarter20