Shiming Zou vs. Jozsef Ajtai full fight video, replay, result, recap


Shiming Zou vs. Jozsef Ajtai full fight video, replay, result, recap held @ Madison Square GardenMGM, New York, NY, USA June 11, 2016.

Fighters Stats

  • Weight division Flyweight (112 lbs)
  • Zou Shiming [7-1-0, 2]
  • Jozsef Ajtai [15-2-0, 10]

Shiming Zou vs. Jozsef Ajtai full fight

Chinese star Zou Shiming (7-1, 2) [邹市明] was set to make his US debut on June 11th. Today we can reveal that his opponent for that bout will be Hungarian teenager Jozsef Ajtai (15-2, 10), who will be fighting for the 18th time in just 13 months.

Whilst Shiming is well known through boxing circles for his stellar amateur career this will be his first professional outside of Asia, and only his second bout outside of Macao where the hope was to make him into a star.

Whilst Ajtai isn’t well known he has faced two fighters of some recognition. One of those was Welshman Andrew Selby, a very promising British fighter and a former amateur stand out, with Selby stopping him in 2 rounds.

The other was Szilveszter Kanalas, who took a split decision over Ajtai last year, Kanalasa was of course battered by Iwan Zoda earlier this year. Aged 19 he is being uber active but sadly this looks likely to be another defeat for the Hungarian fighter who has likely found his level around the top of the Hungarian amateur scene.


Full Fight Recap

—– Ajtai’s wild, awkward style was the complete opposite of Shiming’s well-schooled technical attack, but the Guizhou native’s jab still allowed him to control the opening frames of the fight as the crowd got restless with Ajtai’s largely defensive game plan.

Shiming’s pressure opened up some opportunities when he trapped Ajtai against the ropes or in the corner, but he wasn’t able to consistently land on his foe, whose strategy was growing more and more puzzling with each round.

By the midway point of the fight, the only consolation was that it was only ten rounds and that referee Ron Lipton, who warned Ajtai several times for holding, was starting to take control of the bout.

In the sixth, Ajtai nearly tackled Shiming after eating a flurry in the corner, and Lipton docked him a point. That didn’t ignite any sort of fire in Ajtai, who got back on his bicycle, hoping to potshot his way to a victory. He even danced in the middle of the ring after the round, perhaps thinking that the fight was going according to plan. It wasn’t.

To his credit, Shiming kept moving forward while trying to make a fight of it. He was alone in this quest, but he’ll take the win.

Full Fight Result

— Scores for Shiming, now 8-1 with 2 KOs, all read 100-89. Ajtai falls to 15-3 with 10 KOs.

Full Fight Replay