2016 Roland Garros Novak Djokovic vs Andy Murray Finals


French Open 2016 Roland Garros Novak Djokovic vs Andy Murray full game highlights tennis.Novak Djokovic plays spectacularly well to come from a set down to wallop Andy Murray; he wins his first French Open and becomes the first man since 1969 to hold all four Grand Slam titles concurrently.

Djokovic slips into English for Andy’s benefit, talking of “very special moments we’ve shared … I’m sure I’ll be seeing you with big trophies in the future … I know how much work you guys put in .. he’s one of the most dedicated guys on the tour.

My family, my team, thank you so much for tolerating everything on a daily basis. There’s plenty of things I can talk about til tomorrow … but thank you so much for being able to manage me.”

Djokovic vs Murray italian open 2016

Murray apologises for his lack of French, and hanks his team and the crowd – the latter weren’t behind him, but competitor that he is, he loves it anyway. Then he thanks the ballkids, grounds staff and umpires, congratulates Novak’s team, and then congratulates Novak – “what he’s achieved is phenomenal … It’s not happened for an extremely long time and it’s going to take an extremely long time for it to happen again… obviously it sucks to lose the match … I’m proud to have been part of today.”