UFC Fight Night 85: Rin Nakai vs. Leslie Smith Full Fight recap, result

Rin Nakai vs. Leslie Smith ufc fight night 85

Category 135 lbs.: Rin Nakai vs. Leslie Smith UFC Fight Night Play by Play Recap

Round 1: Smith staying low against her much shorter opponent. Uppercut-straight right from Smith. Smith shoves her away. One minute in. Smith to the body with a right. Right hands land for Nakai, Smith comes back with a flurry. Smith shrugs off a takedown. Smith stalking forward with long punches, staying out of the clinch. Two minutes in. Left hook from Nakai, right hand from Smith. Lead right by the Pancrase vet. Smith chases, eats a pair of punches and Nakai ties up. Dirty boxing from both and Nakai briefly gets her to a knee. Two minutes to go.


Smith shrugs out of a front headlock and they separate. Low kick by Nakai, followed by a left hook. One minute to go. They trade right hands. Counter right by Nakai. Lead right by Smith, then a long left hand. Nakai completes a takedown at the bell. Close round. 10-9 Smith.


Round 2: Right hand from Smith, who stuffs a takedown. Nakai catches an eye poke. 1-2-3 from Smith. One minute in. Nakai shoots and brings Smith to the mat. Half guard for Nakai. Smith looking to turn into her. Nakai staying heavy, working towards the back. Two minutes in. Smith working to stand, but solid control from Nakai. Short shots by the Pancrase veteran. Smith brings up her legs for an inverted triangle, can’t get it. Nakai locks up an arm-triangle and moves into side control. Two minutes to go.

Smith trying to use the cage to defend. Smith manages to sneak out and fires off a nice combination. Smith lands an uppercut and Nakai tries to tie up. Head kick from Smith, Nakai counters with a good throw. Half guard once more. Nakai drops some left hands before the bell. 10-9 Nakai.


Round 3: Smith tries a lead uppercut. Left hook by Nakai. Smith with a flurry. Nakai charges into the clinch, can’t get her down. One minute in. Smith to the body. Smith with a combo, Nakai comes back with a right hand. Nakai shoots and gets double underhooks on the fence. Two minutes in. Solid uppercuts by Nakai. Smith comes back with a flurry that lands well. To the body. Again. Left uppercut connects. Nakai shoots, Smith separates. Two minutes to go.


Smith to the body. Nakai shoots in and hits a throw with ninety seconds to go. Smith regains half guard. One minute to go. Smith gives up turtle position. Nakai eventually gives up top position at the bell. 10-9 Smith.

Final result: Smith def. Nakai by unanimous decision


Rin Nakai vs. Leslie Smith Full Fight Replay