Nonito Donaire vs Cesar Juarez Full Fight Video, Replay, Result, Recap


Nonito Donaire vs Cesar Juarez Full Fight December 11, 2015: Video, Replay, Results, Recap – The fight card will also be telecast in HBO.

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The telecast over ABS-CBN Sports & Action will be watch on at 11:00 a.m. while there will be a replay of the fights on “ABS-CBN Sports” on the evening.

Nonito Donaire vs Cesar Juarez Full Fight December 11, 2015 at San Juan – Puerto Rico. Junior Featherweight World Title Bob Arum Promotion, Recently belt stripped from Guillermo Rigondeaux because of inactivity.

Rigondeaux’s career-best win came by decision against Donaire in a 2013 junior featherweight world title unification bout.

2015 Donaire vs Juarez: Highlights (HBO Boxing)

The Filipino flash Donaire (32) (35-3, 23 KOs) – Last fight Settoul (28) Junior Featherweight Macau Cotai Arena China. Fight Predictions: powerful left hook is key of victorious Cesar Juarez (24) (17-3, 13 KOs) of Mexico.

Donaire is one of the toughest Filipino fighters in boxing history today , behind the legendary Manny Pacquiao and rivalling the resume of one Donnie Nietes. He has an excellent overall record. His fight Friday December 11, 2015, It looks to be another record-padding tune-up designed to land him higher-profile bouts in the near future.

Nonito Donaire vs Cesar Juarez Full fight update: Video, Replay ,Results, Recap  Dec 11,2015. Nonito Donaire vs Cesar Juarez WBO Title Fight: Where to Watch, Live Stream, TV Info, Predictions

When: Friday at 10 p.m. ET

Where: Coliseo Roberto Clemente in San Juan, Puerto Rico

TV: truTV

Full Fight Replay Donaire vs Juarez Dec 11, 2015



Donaire vs Juarez dec 11, 2015

Round 1: Juarez wades in lazily and Donaire hits him with a right immediately. Left hook to the body from Donaire. Juarez lands a decent right hand about two minutes in. Nonito shoots another hook to the body. Juarez not giving him a lot, which doesn’t help Nonito as he’s best as a counter puncher. Feeling out round, clear for Donaire. Donaire 10-9

Round 2: Juarez looking like he’s going to try to punch more, but Donaire is quicker and looks focused here. Not exactly sharp so far, but focused on the plan. Donaire’s counters are coming in, not landing a lot so far this round, but he’s controlling. Good left hand stings Juarez, Donaire jumps in but Juarez fires back and backs him down from a huge rush. Left to the body from Nonito. Another one. Juarez letting it fly in spurts but it’s not working for him. Donaire 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Donaire really having no trouble at all with Juarez. Juarez is an OK fighter but Donaire looks like Donaire tonight and this is easy work for him. Donaire controlling most of this round, but Donaire does get caught a bit late and Juarez looks to capitalize. Donaire 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Donaire pops Juarez with a right to the chin, and Juarez goes down, half a trip, but it’s a knockdown. Another big right from Donaire when the fight resumes, and Juarez is in trouble but WINGING SHOTS BACK! He’s staying in this fight. Kid is tough. Juarez with a body shot, but WHAM! THE DONAIRE LEFT HAND AND DOWN GOES JUAREZ! Fight on again, Donaire has a minute to finish in round four. Juarez taking more pretty clean shots late in the round. Right to the body. Juarez took a walloping this round. Donaire 10-7, 40-34

Round 5: Well, the fight’s going to continue. Not sure it really needs to, but Juarez came to win and came to earn his keep. So he’ll try. Donaire looking to sit on the counters now. Still landing a clean shot here and there. Juarez pushes Donaire to the ropes and just throws both hands like a madman. Juarez really pressing this round and throwing punches, landing some, too. Donaire’s left eye swelling up some. Honestly, this round to Juarez. Juarez 10-9, Donaire 49-44

Round 6: Let’s see if Donaire picks up the pace again after laying back in the fifth following the big effort in the fourth. Juarez clips Donaire with a body shot. Nonito controlling this round mostly but he looks a little tired. Still he’s landing some good counter lefts, too. Donaire with a right. Left hook again from Donaire. Donaire slips and hurts his leg, limping a bit as he goes back to the corner. Donaire 10-9, 59-53

Round 7: Donaire coming out for round 7, so the injury won’t end the fight. Donaire still should win, definitely. But has slipped into some of his worse habits and Juarez isn’t going away easy. The ankle is the worry, says Crystina Poncher. Uh, Juarez is wearing out Donaire a little bit in this round. Donaire moving and not throwing, has a cut near his right eye, just isn’t passing the eye test right now. Donaire landing shots, Juarez landing back! Juarez bullying Donaire now. Really starting to put it on him late. Juarez 10-9, Donaire 68-63

Round 8: Juarez pressing and lands a good left hand. Nonito just backing straight up now. Juarez stalking him. The momentum is with Cesar Juarez. Nonito’s not even counter punching with the ol’ one at a time as consistently now. Nonito does not look mentally confident and his stamina is an issue. Juarez pressing with a two fisted attack as he puts Donaire on the ropes! HUGE LEFT COUNTER FROM DONAIRE ROCKS JUAREZ! AND ANOTHER! JUAREZ EATS THEM AND KEEPS THROWING! DRAMA! YEAH ! Juarez 10-9, Donaire 77-73

Round 9: Donaire on his bike still. But lands a good right hand. Juarez still pressuring. Juarez wearing him down and now tagging him to the body. Here comes the two-fisted psycho attack with Donaire lying on the ropes and Juarez unloading. Donaire with a right that stings Juarez and he EATS IT AGAIN. You could argue this round for Donaire on a few clean shots. And I will! Donaire 10-9, 87-82

Round 10: Donaire countering again. Looks like he might have dug deep. Juarez roughs him up again on the ropes just as I say that. Juarez’s nose just got broken, I think. But he won’t stop. OH DAMN! DONAIRE GOES DOWN ON A LEFT HOOK! Oh wait that’s ruled a slip. Couldn’t tell with the camera angle, but he was hurt anyway. Nonito is reeling but FIRING BOMB COUNTERS! THIS RULES! Juarez 10-9, Donaire 96-92

Round 11: Juarez pressuring again, but not throwing punches now. His nose is just pouring blood. Donaire smacking him with check hooks. His corner told him to forget a KO, just box to the win. Probably the wise idea. Juarez not throwing those crazy flurries anymore. But there’s a clean shot that rocks Donaire’s head back. Juarez now throwing and probably stealing the round here in the last 45 seconds. Donaire didn’t do enough to make a clear case before this. Juarez 10-9, Donaire 105-102

Round 12: Donaire is gassed to hell and Juarez is coming out throwing shots right away. Donaire lying on the ropes again. He just has nothing else left. If Juarez throws, Nonito doesn’t have the energy to keep moving. Donaire trying to shoot single counters, but it’s not enough right now unless he catches him huge, and even if he does, it might not be enough to stop him from doing what he wants to do here. Donaire gets off the ropes and is throwing as Juarez just WALKS RIGHT INTO HIM. This is a war. Donaire landing a couple big shots! Now back to the ropes but trying to smash Juarez on the way in. This is a true battle. Both throw all the way to the bell, bleeding all over, and fall into the referee’s arms to end things. What a fight. Donaire 10-9, 115-111

Official final score result were 116-110, 116-110, and 117-109 for Donaire. BLH had it slightly closer at 115-111 for Donaire. However many fights Donaire had left as a top contender or titleholder or whatever at 122 pounds, a couple of those might have been shaved off from the end with this fight.

Nonito Donaire back as world champ after surviving tough Juarez via unanimous decision.

NONITO Donaire survived a game Cesar Juarez via unanimous decision to regain the World Boxing Organization (WBO) super-bantamweight title on Saturday (Manila time) in San Juan Puerto Rico.

The 33-year-old Filipino scored two knockdowns early in the 12-round fight, but found himself in trouble the last few rounds behind the relentless pressure put on by the Mexican.

Donaire though, managed to hang on and scored a unanimous decision in winning his fifth world title.

Judges scored it 116-110, 116-110, and 117-109.

The ‘Filipino Flash’ improved his record to 36-3, with 23 KOS as he got back a piece of the 122-lb. title belt which he lost to Cuba Guillermo Rigondeaux in 2013. Rigondeaux was stripped of the crown last month for inactivity.

Juarez is now 17-4 (13 KOs), but made a brawl of the potential Fight of the Year by coming back from two knockdowns he suffered in the fourth round.

The Filipino bore the brunt of a brutal fight as he sported a swollen left eye and a cut on the right eye, damage done to him by a Mexican warrior who earned his respect.

‘The guy was amazing. The guy was strong. I give it to him. I think that was the toughest fight I’ve ever been in my life,” said Donaire

It was the third straight win Donaire since going back at 122 after losing to Nicolas Walters when he moved up in weight last year and vied for the World Boxing Association (WBA) featherweight championship.