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Philippines election 2016 result

Philippines election 2016 Official Result

Latest May 09, 2016 Philippines election official result of Presidential title, Vice Presidential, senators and local elected personnel.  PRESIDENT  Official Result  Total of Votes  Total Percents  Rodrigo Duterte  Updating...  Mar Roxas  Updating...  Grace...
Presidential Debate Round 3video

LIVE COVERAGE: Presidential Debate Round 3 ABS-CBN April 24, 2016

Watch: 3rd PiliPinas Debates 2016 ABS-CBN Presidential Town Hall debate live coverage and full replay. The 3rd and final leg of PiliPinas Debates 2016 is...
Presidential Debate Philippines 2016video

Presidential Debate Philippines 2016 Replay

Watch the 4 beloved candidates race for next 2016 President, Replay Presidential Debate Philippines March 20, Sunday in the Philippines. The videos and full replay...
Presidential Debate Visayas

Philippine Presidential Debate Visayas March 20, 2016 Full Replay

Watch the upcoming Presidential debate Visayas March 20,2016 full relay.  Elections to be held Sunday at 'UP Cebu Performing Arts Hall' (University of the...
Presidential Debate of 2016

Philippine Presidential Debate of 2016 Elections Full Replay

Watch the Presidential Debate of 2016 Elections video Full replay covered by GMA and Philippine Daily Inquirer . The first official presidential debate in 24...