The 31-years-of-age currently residence in Tokyo, Japan Keita Obara had defeated 23-years-of-age Alvin Lagumbay of Philippines, delegate from Valencia City, Bukidnon.

Japanese Keita Obara get revenged on Alvin Lagumbay after he defeated Filipino world welterweight top no.70 over 1,997 at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan. Obara step up his knockout win record into 18 counts with 75% knockout wins rate.

Alvin Lagumbay showed great self confidence after he defeated Obara via knockout last for months fight. He made an impressive form in first and second round of the fight, but Keita Obara is very strong enough made a right timing at round three to extract win by technical knockout(TKO) in the remaining time at 1:08.

Yuji Fukuchi official referee stop the fight in round three, with Edward Ligas, Toshio Sugiyama, Mekin Sumon the official judges between the fight of main event card Obara vs Lagumbay.

Meanwhile, Jestoni Autida under card of Lagumbay vs Obara the main card, lost to Japanese contender Ryoichi Tamura in featherweight division over 8 rounds of boxing.