The latest WBA/WBC/IBF knockout boxing: Golovkin vs Jacobs fight march 18 2017. WBA (Super), WBC, IBF, IBO World middleweight champion title holder Gennady “GGG” Golovkin (36-0- 33KOs) pound for pound middleweight division.
Golovkin vs Jacobs result

Tonight’s middleweight showdown between Gennady Golovkin and Daniel Jacobs. Now would normally be the time for requisite throat-clearing, but protocol must be interrupted to say that Román González, the presumptive No1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world, has just been knocked down in the first round by Srisaket Sor Rungvisai with a right hand to the body in the co-main event!.

Round by Round Action Result

Round 1 unofficial score: Golovkin 10-9 Jacobs (Golovkin 10-9 Jacobs), The fighters circle each other cautiously from the bell. Huge chants of “Tri-ple G! Tri-ple G! from the jam-packed crowd here. Golovkin patiently moving forward using the jab but Jacobs scores on a quick combination upstairs. Jacobs continuing to score with the jab. Both men scoring with the jab in the first, GGG moving forward while the taller, longer Jacobs fights off the back foot. A very close round, hard to call. I’ll nick it to Golovkin but certainly a swing round if this one winds up going to the cards.

Round 2 unofficial score: Golovkin 10-9 Jacobs (Golovkin 20-18 Jacobs), Golovkin a notch more aggressive in the early moments, looking to trap Jacobs against the ropes. Jacobs lands a left hand and now the chants of “Let’s go, Ja-cobs!” fill the room. Another low-action round so far as both men patiently fight behind the jab. Jacobs shows GGG a different look by switching to a southpaw stance, but moves back to orthodox almost immediately. A good body shot by GGG. Another close round, this one slightly more convincing for Golovkin, who is moving forward and pressing the fight.

Round 3 unofficial score: Golovkin 9-10 Jacobs (Golovkin 29-28 Jacobs), Jacobs southpaw again to open the third. I’ve given GGG both rounds by narrow margins, but it should be noted Jacobs is doing an excellent job of using the jab to prevent Golovkin from getting his punches off. More good body work by Golovkin. Jacobs doing a nice job but has yet to land anything to earn Golovkin’s respect. Another sharp right to the body by Golovkin but Jacobs answers with a counter left – a big one! Just enough for the hometown fighter to take the round.

Round 4 unofficial score: Golovkin 10-8 Jacobs (Golovkin 39-36 Jacobs), Jacobs is down early in the fourth! A right hand followed by a left about 30 seconds in. He doesn’t appear too badly hurt but Golovkin is now closing in for the finish as the crowd has been whipped into a frenzy. Golovkin lands an uppercut and left hook. Jacobs looks like he’s got his legs back but GGG is controlling the action with his ramrod jab.

Round 5 unofficial score: Golovkin 10-9 Jacobs (Golovkin 49-45 Jacobs), Jacobs has recovered nicely from the knockdown but GGG moving forward now, emboldened and throwing with the nastiest of intentions. I don’t envy the Brooklynite. He’s back in the southpaw stance but I don’t know why: he was fighting left-handed when he was put down and he appears to be a sitting duck in the stance. GGG lands a cracking right early in the frame that draws a big reaction from the crowd. He’s found success with the right hand behind the jab. Oh, another cracking right by Golovkin late in the round sends Jacobs reeling backwards. An easy round for GGG and it appears this fight is only headed in one direction.

Round 6 unofficial score: Golovkin 9-10 Jacobs (Golovkin 58-55 Jacobs), Jacobs hasn’t given in yet. He lands a big right, maybe his biggest of the fight, but Golovkin walks right through it. GGG snaps Jacobs’ head back with a jab then follows with a short right. It feels like Jacobs is just trying to make it through, but he’s scored enough here (a big overhand right!) to take the round on our card. He comes alive in the last 10 seconds with a flurry of punches; nothing catches GGG, but good activity.

Round 7 unofficial score: Golovkin 9-10 Jacobs (Golovkin 67-65 Jacobs), GGG stalking, cutting off the ring. He catches Jacobs in the red corner with a massive left-right combo upstairs. How did Jacobs take those punches! Jacobs fighting off the back foot but throwing back, fighting his way out of the corner time and again. What courage! Golovkin, though, is so methodical and relentless. Not giving Jacobs a minute to reset and catch his breath. Jacobs trying to fight from the outside but GGG closing the distance. In the final 10 seconds Jacobs catches Golovkin off the break – a bit of the dark arts! – drawing boos from the crowd. Another very close round but I reckon Jacobs nicked it!

Round 8 unofficial score: Golovkin 10-9 Jacobs (Golovkin 77-74 Jacobs)A fraught finish to that last round. They were punching after the bell and GGG looked peeved. Golovkin catches Jacobs up against the ropes early in the frame and wails away upstairs, catching the hometown fighter with at least one or two shots. Jacobs’ hand speed still shining, doing just enough to score with counters and deft body work as Golovkin presses forward. He’s boxing beautifully in stretches. GGG is still landing big shots but movement and hand speed are keeping Jacobs in this fight. Another close round. Woo boy. GGG did enough to win it from where I’m sitting but scores could be all over the map if Jacobs manages to take it to the cards.

Round 9 unofficial score: Golovkin 10-9 Jacobs (Golovkin 87-83 Jacobs)Jacobs is very much in the fight. He’s just landed a three-punch combo to Golovkin’s head, all of which landed. He’s using movement to disrupt GGG’s combos. He’s winning the round! But Golovkin lands a right uppercut directly on Jacobs chin … that must have hurt him but somehow he fires back! Oh, now Golovkin is really coming on strong. Jacobs in trouble, careeing off the ropes! We’re seconds from the bell and lucky for Jacobs, he seemed on his way down!.

Round 10 unofficial, Round 10 (Golovkin 9-10 Jacobs), GGG up against an obstinate opponent but he’s remained dedicated to the body attack, landing a right here and then following it up with a right upstairs. Jacobs continues to use deft footwork and hand speed to neutralize the Golovkin pressure, but Golovkin is relentless. Halfway through the round and Jacobs may have a narrow edge on activity but it’s close. Golovkin warned for leading with his head. Jacobs is throwing a lot of punches and escaping from the ropes when GGG barrels in. Good combo by Jacobs lands! He’s moving so well. A big shot by Golovkin late in the round but Jacobs lands with two hard shots to the abdomen. An easy round for Jacobs.

Round 11 unofficial score: Golovkin 9-10 Jacobs (Golovkin 105-103 Jacobs), Golovkin lands a sharp right upstairs. Jacobs’ hands still moving but he’s showing signs of fatigue. Loud chants of “Tri-ple G! Tri-ple G!” A nice right uppercut by Golovkin. Jacobs catches GGG with a counter as he rushes in. A close round. Jacobs doing great work to the body. Another close round. Jacobs has backed up GGG with counters at least three times this round. He looks tired, but he’s doing great work. Now GGG catches him with a compact straight left. Then a massive left by GGG rocks Jacobs only seconds before the bell! A close round to Jacobs, who closed it stronger. What craftsmanship from Golovkin to stay in this fight and really make a go of it.

Round 12unofficial score: Golovkin 10-9 Jacobs (Golovkin 115-112 Jacobs), GGG has been extended the distance for the first time since 2008! Both fighters give it their all in the final frame but Golovkin did a little more and closed with more conviction. I’ve scored it 115-112 to Gennady Golovkin but close rounds abound. Waiting on the official scores.

Result: Gennady Golovkin def. Daniel Jacobs by unanimous decision.

Gennady Golovkin wins by unanimous decision! Two judges handed down scores of 115-112 (as did the Guardian), while the third had it 114-113. What a fight!