Pagara vs Commey Result

Albert Pagara vs Raymond Commey

Pinoypride 39 co-maincard, Albert Pagara vs Raymond Commey result final recap round by round updates November 26, 2016 at Cebu Coliseum, Cebu city, Philippines.

Very intense to witness this fight both are very good boxers in Ghana and Philippines, Albert Pagara has a record of 27 bouts 67% KO’s punch. Raymond Commey has a record of 19 bouts with 47% Ko’s punch.

Albert Pagara vs. Raymond Commey of Ghana for 10rds under the 126lbs division

Who will win the upcoming fight, Featherweight division in Prince Albert Pagara 126 lbs and Raymond Commey 122.5 lbs 10 round featherweight.
Round by Round Updates

Albert Pagara vs Raymond Commey
Pinoypride39 result: Albert Pagara vs Raymond Commey final decision result.

Round 1:  Albert looking patient in R1, controlled the tempo, but no significant hits.
Round 2:  Commey more aggressive in R2, landed some good shots and had Albert moving backwards.
Round 3: Albert finishes R3 strong with a body-head combination.
Round 4: Commey more active, but Pagara landing the harder and more accurate punches in R4.
Round 5: Pagara gets Commey wobbly at the end of R5.
Round 6: Pagara more aggressive in R6. Tee’d off on Commey early.
Round 7: Pretty even 7th round. Both Pagara and Commey got their shots in.
Round 8:
Round 9: Pagara finding his range in R9. Had Commey wobbly again, but couldn’t finish.
Round 10: Pagara and Commey go the distance, Pagara looked a bit tentative early in the match, found his stride later on. Commey aggressive for most part.


Final Score Decision Result:
Albert Pagara def. Raymond Commey via Unanimous Decision (99-91, 99-91, 99-91)