Nonito Donaire vs Jessie Magdaleno Result Round by Round Update

donaire vs magdaleno result

Result of Donaire Magdaleno fight,
Nonito Donaire vs Jessie Magdaleno full fight result round by round update.

Round By Round Update result of Donaire Magdaleno fight

Round 1: The first round was a feeling out process for the most part, with Donaire perhaps edging it based on slightly more punches thrown and landed.
Round 2: Magdaleno had some decent success towards the end of round 2 but Donaire came back right before the bell.
Round 3:
Round 4:
Round 5: A cut opened above the left eye on Magdaleno in roun 5 from an apparent clash of heads that instant replay showed after the round ended.
Round 6: Magdaleno had a very strong round 6 and walked Donaire onto a couple of nice counter punches. The right hook and left uppercut while moving backwards were impressive from the challenger on a few occasions.
Round 7: The challenger Magdaleno had another positive round in the seventh, utilizing excellent footwork behind his boxing skills and slightly frustrating a plodding Nonito Donaire who despite coming forward, didn’t land much.
Round 8: Magdaleno sunk in some nice body punches in round 8, as well as pumping the jab into the face of Donaire who was developing a welt under the eye at this point.
Round 9: The fight exploded into life in the 9th round as Magdaleno opened up with combinations on Donaire on the ropes after hurting the Filipino boxer from an initial check right hook.
Round 10: Donaire came back in the 10th and wobbled Magdaleno early in the round.
Round 11: The 11th was another close round. Although the cleaner work came from Magdaleno my opinion.
Round 12: Magdaleno was too slick for the most part in the 12th for Donaire, making the champion miss at times.

Final score results: Mexican Jessie Magdaleno defeated Nonito Donaire (Philippines) by a unanimous decision


Final Boxscore result:

Nonito DonaireFinal DecisionJessie Magdaleno
Unanimous Decision
 Total Punches
00K.O Round00