Coach Tim Cone Ginebra Champions is the beginning og never ending

Tim Cone Ginebra

AFTER fulfilling its date with destiny, it’s time for Ginebra to make a family line.

Gin Kings coach Tim Cone is hoping his team will create the jump to a uniform championship contestant once ruling the PBA Governors’ Cup at the expense of Meralco on weekday night to finish associate degree eight-year title drought.

Tim Cone Ginebra

“We need to return back and that we need to undertake to urge thereto elite level like a number of the opposite groups have gotten to: San Miguel, recently, speak ‘N Text, Purefoods,” Cone aforementioned. “We would love to urge thereto level, and that is what we’re gonna work for.”

The league’s most roaring coach stressed the Gin Kings are no one-hit wonders, assured that they will so dominate the league within the predictable future.

“This isn’t ‘a’ championship. In our minds, this is often our ‘first’ championship,” aforementioned Cone, World Health Organization steered Ginebra to a title in precisely his third conference at the helm. “This isn’t the sole championship that we’re gonna get. We’re gonna withdraw and acquire another one. We’re not into simply winning a championship, we would like to win several.”

With the wander sweep mentor, World Health Organization has adscititious another tableware to his case for a complete of nineteen championships, in charge, the Gin Kings’ future so appearance bright.

What’s scarier is star huge man Greg Slaughter is however in tow as he recovers from ACL surgery, whereas the Gin Kings have 2 high decides within the future novice draft and another pick within the special draft for the Gilas cadets.

“That’s our challenge and that we need to still grow as a team,” Cone aforementioned. “It wasn’t our goal to win a championship, our goal is to win several championships, and that we ought to still have growth, grow from this one into following one, into following conference, and take what we’ve learned here.”