Pinoy Pride 38 Boxing Result

Pinoy Pride 38 magsayo

Pinoy Pride 38 boxing result, Philippines vs Mexico undercard full fight match results,recap Nietes, Villanueva and Magsayo.

(WBO)World Boxing Organization Light Flyweight champion Donnie “Ahas” Nietes will fight Edgar Sosa World Featherweight Champion title helder with 49%KO punch betting odds and prediction were available soon, Nietes Sosa Pinoy Ride 38 Full Fight review.

pinoy pride 38 nietes victory
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Judge 1: 120-108
Judge 2: 120-108
Judge 3: 120-108

Final Result: Donnie Nietes defeated Edgar Sosa by Unanimous Decision. Donnie Nietes stats records 39-1-4, 22 KOs.


Round by Round Full Fight Recap

Round 1: very tentative rd for both boxers. Few jabs and body shots by Nietes could win for him this rd.

Round 2: few boos frm crowd, Nietes reacts, 1-combo stuns Sosa. A few more 1-2 by Nietes. Donnie on the move!

Round 3: well-timed shots, ring generalship, impressive counterpunching, Ahas proving thus far he can dominate Sosa.

Round 4: Sosa connects to d jaw. Nietes comes back w a1-2, double jab and right straight. Donnie unfazed. Solid right, and Sosa wobbled!

Round 5: Donnie Ahas Nietes showing power and accuracy like never before.

Round 6: Nietes methodically shrinking Sosa with laser-guided combos.

Round 7: Seven rounds of boxing clinic by professor Donnie ‘Ahas’ Nietes

Round 8: Nietes showing he has become a complete fighter thus far.

Round 9: Nietes fighting a very safe fight. Little gambling punches. Light combinations and counter punching.

Round 10: All for Nietes. Nietes landing some nice counter hooks. Sosa needs some knocks downs to get back in this fight. Sosa nearly gets knocked down from a delayed reaction. Nietes nearly finishes Sosa. Sosa saved by the bell in R10, got staggered by 1-2 late, Donnie went in for the kill.

Round 11: Nietes landing shots but Sosa is tough. Mexican is starting throw more punches now. Steady eleventh for Donnie. Should be a clear cut decision win for him if nobody gets KOd in R12.

Round 12: Donnie finishes R12 strong. Should be an easy win. Dominant debut for Nietes at flyweight. Nietes finishes strong. No knockdowns but both men showed why they champions.


Mark Magsayo vs Ramiro Robles Fight Preview:

Robles much better in R3, survives Magsayo, landed a couple of stiff shots of his own.

pinoy pride 38 magsayo victory
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Strong body shot from Magsayo sends Robles to his knees in R7. Magsayo looked for finish but Robles survived.

Mark Magsayo remains unbeaten as he tallies UD win over Ramiro Robles.

Magsayo,Robles pinoy pride 38 result:
Dominant unanimous decision win for Magsayo against Ramiro Robles. Hats off to Ramiro he hung in there despite the 2 knockdowns.

Final Scorecard Result:

Judge 1: 120-106
Judge 2: 119-107
Judge 3: 118-108

Magsayo defeated Robles by unanimous decision

Magsayo improves to 15-0, 11 KOs



“King” Arthur Villanueva vs Juan Jimenez 2  Fight Preview:
The hard-hitting Jimenez came out strong in the first frame, landing solid shots to Villanueva who was still feeling things out.

Photo credit:
Photo credit: | Pinoy Pride 38 result.

Villanueva was the aggressor in the second round, coming out strong, but Jimenez connected on a few hard shots once again.

With less than a minute in the second round, the two sluggers met in the middle of the ring. With Jimenez uncorking a left hook, Villanueva weaved under and landed a still right hook of his own to the jaw of the Mexican challenger, sending him crashing to the mat.

Jimenez would not answer the ten-count, giving Villanueva the clean victory.

Final Scorecard Result:
Judge 1: 120-106
Judge 2: 119-107
Judge 3: 118-108

NO CONTROVERSIES!!! Arthur Villanueva knocks out Juan Jimenez in rematch September 24,2016.