US Open 2016 Schedule – August 29 – September 11,2016


Official US Open 2016 schedule start August 29, 2016 up to September 11,2016.The US open is a global tennis event held in the New York City, US since 1881. The main venue of the event is USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Centre.

It usually marks the fourth and last tennis major culminating in the grand slam each year. The other three majors are Wimbledon, Australian major and the French Open. The event rolls out on the first Monday of August and lasts for six weeks till mid-September.
There are five major event championships.

US Open 2016 Schedule
US Open 2016 Schedule – August 29 – September 11,2016
SessionDayDateTime Singles Schedule
 Tuesday23-Aug 11:00 AMQualifying Tournament
 Wednesday24-Aug 11:00 AMQualifying Tournament
 Thursday25-Aug 11:00 AMQualifying Tournament
 Friday26-Aug 11:00 AMQualifying Tournament
 Saturday27-Aug 9:30 AMArthur Ashe Kids’ Day
1Monday29-AugDay11:00 AMMen’s & Women’s 1st Round
2  Night7:00 PMMen’s & Women’s 1st Round
3Tuesday30-AugDay11:00 AMMen’s & Women’s 1st Round
4  Night7:00 PMMen’s & Women’s 1st Round
5Wednesday31-AugDay11:00 AMMen’s 1st Round/Women’s 2nd Round
6  Night7:00 PMMen’s 2nd Round/Women’s 2nd Round
7Thursday1-SepDay11:00 AMMen’s 2nd Round/Women’s 2nd Round
8  Night7:00 PMMen’s 2nd Round/Women’s 2nd Round
9Friday2-SepDay11:00 AMMen’s 2nd Round/Women’s 3rd Round
10  Night7:00 PMMen’s 2nd Round/Women’s 3rd Round
11Saturday3-SepDay11:00 AMMen’s 3rd Round/Women’s 3rd Round
12  Night7:00 PMMen’s 3rd Round/Women’s 3rd Round
13Sunday4-SepDay11:00 AMMen’s 3rd Round/Women’s 4th Round
14  Night7:00 PMMen’s 3rd Round/Women’s 4th Round
15Monday5-SepDay11:00 AMMen’s 4th Round/Women’s 4th Round
16  Night7:00 PMMen’s 4th Round/Women’s 4th Round
17Tuesday6-SepDay11:00 AMMen’s 4th Round/Women’s Quarterfinals
18  Night7:00 PMMen’s Fourth Round/Women’s Quarterfinals
19Wednesday7-SepDay11:00 AMMen’s Quarterfinals/Women’s Quarterfinals
20  Night7:00 PMMen’s Quarterfinals/Women’s Quarterfinals
21Thursday8-SepTBDTBDWomen’s Semifinals
22Friday9-SepTBDTBDMen’s Semifinals
23Saturday10-SepTBDTBDWomen’s Singles Final
24Sunday11-SepTBDTBDMen’s Singles Final

These are the men’s and women’s singles followed by the men’s and women’s doubles as well as the mixed doubles. There are additional tournaments for junior, senior, and wheelchair players.

Initially, the event used to be played on grass till 1974 after which they switched to clay till 1977. Eventually, they shifted to hard Deco Turf.