Robbie Lawler vs Tyron Woodley Full Fight – July 30, 2016


UFC 201: Robbie Lawler vs Tyron Woodley full fight result recap video replay highlights.

All fighter targeting brutal fight scene clash with Lawler(34) stats record 27 – 10 – 0 (Win – Loss – Draw) versus Woodley(34) stats record 15 – 3 – 0 (Win – Loss – Draw) Robbie Lawler will be defending his title for the third time.

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History hammers home stark truths regarding the 34-year-old Lawler’s mercilessness. This is why the pay-per-view promo for Saturday’s UFC 201, headlined by Lawler’s third 170lbs title defense, looks like a horror film as much as it does a preview of a UFC contest.

During the 30-second advert, savage knockouts are slowed for effect, exposing the concussive abilities of both the champion and challenger, Tyron Woodley, who meets Lawler inside Atlanta’s Philips Arena for his first UFC title shot.

Lawler fight result and recap,

As the calendar turned to 2016, Lawler registered an exhausting fight of the year title defense against Carlos Condit. Preceding that bout, an epic clash in July 2015 with Rory MacDonald turned uncomfortable when the Canadian challenger’s face was flattened en route to a late stoppage in a match Lawler simply refused to lose.

The last two victories on Lawler’s 27-10 (one no contest) record mean eight of Lawler’s nine opponents since returning to the UFC in 2013 fell short against him. The only blemish: another fight of the year effort, this time against Johnny Hendricks in March 2014 that Lawler avenged a few months later to become a UFC champion for the first time.

Woodley fight result and recap,

Woodley was the captain of the University of Missouri wrestling squad from 2003 to 2005, and has been a mixed martial artist since 2009. Lawler said Woodley stacks up as a “heck of a competitor” following the weigh-in for UFC 201 on Friday, “but I’m a fighter.”


Round 1: KO(punches) 2:12


The Official Result

Tyron Woodley def. Robbie Lawler via KO (Punches) R1 2:12

Referee Dan Miragliotta is the third man in the cage for tonight’s 170-pound championship clash, with judges Derek Cleary, Chris Lee and Jeff Mullen scoring the scheduled five-round bout. The challenger Woodley takes up the center of the cage and pivots on his right foot as Lawler circles clockwise around the outside. After a minute, Woodley ducks inside and shoves Lawler against the fence. Referee Miragliotta steps between the fighters with a restart command after about 15-20 seconds of inactivity. Woodley continues to follow Lawler around the outside until suddenly, two minutes in, “The Chosen One” steps out and connects with a massive overhand right. Lawler is dazed and falls backward to the canvas, seated at the base of the fence, and Woodley bashes him unconscious with a flurry of potent right hands. After 18 months away from the cage, Tyron Woodley is the new UFC welterweight champion.



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