Roland Garros French Open 2016: Simona Halep vs Naomi Osaka video,highlights recap

Simona Halep vs Naomi Osaka

Roland Garros French Open 2016: World rank number (6)Simona Halep vs Naomi Osaka a Japanese Pro Tennis player age (18/Old) video,highlights recap May 27, 2016. Halep 4-6 6-2 6-3 Osaka: Halep serves it out, Osaka is evidently disappointed, but can be proud of herself for giving the world number six such a test.

Roland Garros Round 3 Final Score Result

PlayersFirst SetSecond SetThird Set Final
S. Halep 4 6 6 2
N. Osaka 6 2 3 1

Match-up Game play update:

Halep 4-6 6-2 5-3 Osaka: Osaka taps at her head in frustration but she’s certainly giving Halep a test still.

Halep 4-6 6-2 4-3 Osaka: Maybe she hasn’t – that backhand has gone walkabout again.

Halep 4-6 6-2 3-3 Osaka: Naomi Osaka has recovered her backhand and her serve.

Halep 4-6 Osaka: Halep smashes up her racket as Osaka moves to set point, and obviously gets a warning for doing so. It doesn’t help her, though.

Halep 4-5 Osaka: Naomi Osaka is going to serve for the first set against Simona Halep. Hands up who predicted that.

Halep 4-4 Osaka: Halep struggling to find space against her young opponent.

Halep 4-3 Osaka: Entertainingly, Osaka is not letting go of this at all. She breaks Halep right back, much to the apparent surprise of the scarce crowd.

Halep 4-2 Osaka: Simona Halep motoring now, breaking that powerful Osaka serve again, just to show her who’s boss.

Halep 3-2 Osaka: Halep howls as she puts maximum effort into her own serve – which isn’t too shabby, mind.

Halep 2-2 Osaka: Simona Halep won’t be cowed by Osaka, though – she hits right back at her, looking for errors.

Halep 1-2 Osaka: Well, this is fun. Osaka’s got a hefty forehand as well and she puts that to good use for the first break of the match.

Halep 1-1 Osaka: That’s a hefty serve that Osaka’s got there.

Halep 1-0 Osaka: Utter class from Simona Halep to hold, but Naomi Osaka gives us a taste of what she’s capable of, showing no nerves as she approaches the net.

Halep is wearing the apparently customary zebra-print outfit today. There are a handful of people in the stands on Lenglen.