Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan Full Fight Video, Replay, Result, Recap

Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan Full Fight

May 07, 2016 Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan full fight video,replay,result, recap The fight card will be telecast HBO-Pay-Per-View (PPV)by the much-awaited bout at Las Vegas, Nevada, USA will be seen in the U.S. and Canada via all major and many T-Mobile Arena*. Dubbed “Canelo Fights the King,” this event is presented by Top Rank, WBC World middleweight championship title.

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Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan Full Fight Video, Replay, Result, Recap May 07, 2016

2016 Canelo vs Khan: Full Fight Recap Result Highlights

WBC World Middleweight Champion Title “Saul Canelo Alvarez” Welterweight, Light middleweight,Middleweight(47-1, 33 KO) will return to the ring on Saturday in T-Mobile Arena. Amir Khan (35-31, 19 KO).



Round 1:  Amir throws the first jab followed by body shot and hard right landed to Canelo’s head. Canelo answered by with body shot, Khan throws another quick punch combinations, Khan makes Canelo missing, hard left hook landed for Khan, Round goes to Khan.


Round 2:  Canelo started the round with jab followed by right hand to the body, Khan uses lateral movement, One two combination landed for Khan, left to the body landed for Canelo, Another left right combo landed for Khan, Amir making Alvarez missed by moving side to side, Clear round for Khan.

In the first two rounds Amir Khan uses his speed to outbox Canelo Alvarez highlights of the round is when Amir Khan Landed these combinations to Canelo’s head.


Round 3: Canelo started to land his punches but Amir answered back with his quick 3 punch combinations.

Round 4: Canelo started to land hard shots to the body to slow down fast moving Khan, Khan responded with quick combinations then maintains his distance to keep himself away from Canelo’s punching range another hard left to the body landed for Canelo, Amir Khan makes Canelo miss then throw combination while Alvarez is off balanced.


Round 5:  Canelo uses jabs and bodyshots but Amir makes him missed then counter him with combinations high lights of this round is the hard left hook that was landed by Canelo Alvarez to Amir Khan’s chin and hard bodyshot.


Round 6: Canelo started the round throwing jab at Khan’ mid section, another hard bodyshot landed for Alvarez, at this point of the fight Canelo was able to close the distance and started to land hard jabs and bodyshots with less than a minute remaining in the round Canelo countered a jab thrown by Amir Khan with a hard right hand that landed on Amir Khan’s chin. Amir Khan got knocked out cold but after few minutes he gets up and he looks ok. Actually if Khan could have won the fight he is willing to face Gennady Golovkin but the size and power advantage is too much for Amir Khan.


At the end of the fight Khan and his trainer urges Canelo Alvarez to fight Gennady Golovkin next Canelo said he does not fear anyone.
I hope Canelo Alvarez and his promoter make this fight happen Canelo and his promoter insist that the fight should happen at 155lb catchweight.
Gennady Golovkin said that they will be fighting for the MiddleWeight belt and the fight should be at 160 lbs which I think is correct but Canelo and his promoter knows how dangerous Golovkin is, He is one of the feared fighters in boxing today because he continue to destroy each and everyone of his opponents.