Golden State Warriors vs Brooklyn Nets , result, preview, Nov 14, 2015

Golden State Warriors vs Brooklyn Nets

November 14, 2015 Saturday – The 10-0 regular season western conference rak 1 Golden State Warriors against Brooklyn Nets live stream,final result and match-up game reviews, game play schedule here.

The Warriors enter this game returning home after a tough early season back-to-back road trip that took them through a grind out Memphis win and a tough Wolves team that looks legit. They keep answering the call whenever the media or basketball fans wonder “can they keep this up”? Sure, thats easy to do when your best player and reigning MVP Steph Curry continues to dominate like he is. But lets face it: these Warriors are and will continue to be a sum of all their fantastic parts. Not enough credit is given to Draymond Green’s effort and performance in Minnesota that saw him come two rebounds away from a triple-double.


Klay Thompson also continued to contribute to the fold, increasing his scoring numbers again to help round out the effort. It’s the small things that keep this team going, and is why even when they have a bad night (Memphis) or the other team can’t miss (Wolves) that they still come away winning by comfortable margins.

They return home to familiar ground, getting a day off Friday to rest and recharge before welcoming the Nets to Oracle on Saturday night. They will not only continue their record-setting season start (currently 10-0 and not looking to stop any time soon) as well as their home regular season winning streak that spans into last season.



The Nets are still trying to get their feet under them this season after some roster turnover in the offseason. Sure, Deron Williams was an aging point guard whose production was dwindling, however they received basically nothing in return for him going to Dallas, and now have been forced to shift players in and out of the lineup to fix it. Jarrett Jack (friend of the Bay) becomes the primary ball handler, and though he is a Warriors killer, he doesn’t necessarily have the same success against other teams in the league. They do feature past All Stars in Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson and both have put in good showings so far this season.


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