NBA PRESEASON 2015-2016: Watch KOBE BRYANT Scores 21 Points in 18 Minutes Only

nba pre season 2015 kobe bryant
WATCH: Lakers' Kobe Bryant scores 21 points in 18 minutes in preseason

NBA PRESEASON 2015-2016: Watch highlights moves of KOBE BRYANT scores 21 points in 18 minutes only L.A Lakers against Maccabi Haifa last October 11, 2015.

Judging by Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant’s performance on Monday, he’s ready for the regular season to start. Against Maccabi Haifa, Bryant dropped 21 points on 6-for-10 shooting, including 4-for-5 from 3-point range. He did this in 18 minutes, and the Lakers won 126-83, at one point leading by 51 points.

Here’s all the damage Bryant did:

You can’t put too much stock in exhibition games, especially against an over matched team like this. Still, it’s encouraging, especially the long-range shooting.

Of course, there’s a catch. Lakers head coach Byron Scott isn’t a huge fan of all that long-range shooting. From the Associated Press:

“We try to keep him below the 3-point line. But when he’s scoring it like he was tonight, he obviously has the capability of being able to step out there as well,” coach Byron Scott said.

“He looks better and better. His timing looks great, his movement looks great, and he just looks so much more fluid right now. He says he feels great, so right now we’ll keep staying the course.”

Like Scott said, Bryant moved really well in this game. And if he keeps making those 3s, no one is going to tell him to stop. That’s one path to increasing his efficiency in his 20th season.

Sidenote: Maccabi Haifa forward Reggie Buckner told reporters that he “always dreamed” of playing against Bryant and is “just proud and blessed” to have done so. This isn’t officially the Bryant farewell tour, but that sort of feels like the beginning of it.


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