Wimbledon Semi Finals 2015: Roger Federer vs Andy Murray LIVE

Roger Federer vs Andy Murray
Wimbledon 2015: Roger Federer vs Andy Murray SEMI FINALS July 10, 2015 - Spikedaily

Wimbledon Semi Finals 2015: Roger Federer vs Andy Murray Live match-up game summary latest scores update.

First set: *Federer 3-3 Murray (*denotes next server)
At 0-15, Federer commits another unforced error on the forehand side. Then a backhand error by the Swiss makes it 30-15. Federer pounces on a Murray second serve and gets neutral in the rally quickly, running Murray ragged with a half volley followed by a volley winner off his shoelaces that Murray can’t retrieve. Vintage Federer. 30-30. Another missed first serve by Murray, but Federer mistimes the second effort and hits a forehand into the net to give Murray game point. He converts it with another booming ace and they’re still on serve.

First set: Federer 4-3 Murray* (*denotes next server)

Two quick points for Federer then a third to move ahead 40-0 when Murray rips a forehand down the line into the net. Federer approaches the net where Murray returns his volley down the line – a perfectly executed passing shot – to make it 40-15, but Federer thumps a 123mph ace to lock down the hold.

First set: *Federer 4-4 Murray (*denotes next server)

A Murray unforced error puts him in an early 0-15 hole, but he responds with a vicious cross-court backhand winner. Murray misses on a 128mph serve, but uncorks a sharp second serve and wins the point with a powerfully struck forehand. 30-15. Another pretty Murray backhand from the baseline that Federer at the net can’t corral. Federer then sprays a backhand wide to give Murray the hold.

federer vs murray wimbledon 2015
federer vs murray wimbledon 2015

First set: Federer 5-4 Murray* (*denotes next server)

Federer moves ahead 30-0 with a 105mph second-serve ace from Federer then a 115mph first-serve ace: his seventh and eighth of the match. He then gets it to 40-0 on an easy overhand smash on a poorly executed lob by Murray. The Scot pulls within 40-15 on a lob winner, but Federer secures the hold with yet another ace. Federer has gotten 24 of 28 first serves in, an 86% rate that augurs well.

First set: *Federer 5-5 Murray (*denotes next server)

Consecutive winners by Murray make it 30-0, then a service winner by Murray when Federer’s chip return sails long. Murray with the love hold after another service winner. Both players serving incredibly well.

First set: Federer 6-5 Murray* (*denotes next server)

Federer paints the line with a 106mph ace. Outstanding hyper-athletic rally on the next point – both players trading shots that would be winners against most other opponents – but Murray ends it with a sharply angled forehand winner on the run that’s corrected by the linesperson. Federer makes it 30-15 on an ace that Murray challenges unsuccessfully. (He visibly can’t believe it when it’s upheld.) Another winner makes it 40-15, but Murray inches closer with a powerful backhand from the middle of the court that Federer backhands into the net. The hold goes to Federer with another service winner. Adam Hirst chimes in via email:

The most interesting style match-up in tennis. The way Federer is serving, Murray is going to have his work cut out in the tie-break, if it gets that far. First set tie-break could be crucial.
Good bit of sledging from Wimbledon as Federer shanked one into the crowd. Henman said ‘Must have been an Australian. He dropped it.’ Then they cut to someone who wouldn‘t have – Tendulkar seems to prefer tennis to test cricket today.

Federer breaks, wins first set!

First set: Federer 7-5 Murray

Murray with a massive second-serve out wide makes it 15-0, then Federer with an unbelievable one-handed backhand up the line to bring it to 15-15. A soft error by Murray off the backhand side makes it 15-30. A half-chance here for Federer. Federer rips a forehand winner across the court to make it 15-40 and a pair of set points – the first two break-point chances of the match. Amazing passing forehand by Murray down the line to save the first, but he can’t control a sharp Federer backhand on the next point and the seven-times Wimbledon champion draws first blood! Federer with 23 winners and just three unforced errors. Worth mentioning: the winner of the first set has won 17 of their 23 meetings.

Second set: Federer 1-0 Murray* (*denotes next server)

An impossibly quick love hold punctuated by a 114mph service winner down the middle. Special performance thus far.

Second set: *Federer 1-1 Murray (*denotes next server)
Murray escapes from an early 0-15 hole with a 125mph ace out wide. Outstanding first serve by Murray but Federer gets neutral in the rally and moves it to 15-30 with a winner. Excellent pace and depth by Murray’s groundstrokes on a rally that ends when Federer nets a backhand, followed by a 123mph ace down the middle that gives Murray a game point. Inside-out winner by Murray at 40-30 from 15-30 down to cap an essential hold of serve.

Second set: Federer 2-1 Murray* (*denotes next server)

The crowd buzzes as Murray wins the first point on Federer’s serve, but the Swiss responds with a forehand winner down the line to make it 15-15. A Murray unforced error brings it to 30-15, but a winner pulls it to 30-30 to give him a glimmer of a chance. Murray pounces on a 98mph second serve but can’t get a foothold in the rally and Federer ends it on a nifty backhand volley into the open court to set up a game point. Murray then pushes a cross-court forehand into the net and Federer holds.

Second set: *Federer 2-2 Murray (*denotes next server)

Federer jumps on an 87mph second serve, finds his way into the rally and Murray nets a forehand to make it 0-15. Murray with a strong first serve that Federer backhands into the net. Federer pushes a shot long and it’s 30-15. Murray faults again and Federer steps into the Murray second serve. Poor forehand error into the net by Murray and it’s 30-30. Another fault by Murray on a 126mph first serve, then Federer pounces on the second effort to hit a clean forehand return winner. Crucial moment here for Murray, facing a break point at 30-40. He saves it when Federer misfires on a backhand winner down the line that would have left Murray a helpless witness. Murray faults again at deuce, but Federer mishits the return off the frame. Murray then escapes with the hold when Federer’s blocked return on the backhand side sails long.

Second set: Federer 3-2 Murray* (*denotes next server)

Federer with a double fault, his first of the day. Federer then with a powerful forehand on the approach which Murray returns with a reasonably good defensive lob only for Federer to smashes an overhand winner. Federer with an error on the forehand side and now a glimmer of hope for Murray at 15-30. Murray with a cross-court forehand as Federer approaches the net but it sails wide. A service winner by Federer as Murray nets the return and now it’s 40-30. On the next point, a cross-court backhand by Murray is long – he challenges it unsuccessfully – and Federer holds from 15-30 down.


Roger Federer vs Andy Murray wimbledon 2015 semi finals
Roger Federer vs Andy Murray wimbledon 2015 semi finals

Second set: *Federer 3-3 Murray (*denotes next server)

Lengthy baseline rally ends when Federer nets a backhand. The longest rally of the match so far at 23 strokes. Federer sends a forehand long and Murray moves ahead 30-0. Murray with a 113mph ace down the T en route to another love hold.


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