2015 Wimbledon Day 7: Djokovic vs Anderson Match-up Scores Summary

Djokovic vs Anderson Wimbledon 2015 - Spikedaily
Djokovic vs Anderson Wimbledon 2015 - Spikedaily

After the last match Djokovic vs Anderson winner 2015 Wimbledon day seven (7) suspended due to bad light, Now the resumes of match up summaries is here latest scores between Novak Djokovic vs South Africa’s Kevin Anderson.

Djokovic to serve at 6-7(6), 6-7(6), 6-1, 6-4 when match resumes Tuesday,

At 15-15, a well-struck forehand forces Djokovic into a forced error and gives Anderson a glimmer of hope for a break. Winner from Novak makes it 30-30. And just when Anderson looks as if he’ll stake a break-point chance with a brilliant return, Djokovic conjures a stroke of magic with a passing shot that gives him game point. Another toe-to-toe baseline rally at 40-30 and it’s Anderson who gets the best of it as Novak nets a forehand. Deuce. High-risk cross-court shot into the corner from Anderson is called out but he challenges it – unsuccessfully – and Djokovic has game point. Another risky forehand winner from Anderson brings it back to deuce. Djokovic wins the next point, but hits the netcord a millimeter too low and it’s at deuce again. Novak stakes another game point with a winner, then secures the hold with an ace.

top spin Djokovic vs Anderson Wimbledon 2015 - Spikedaily
top spin Djokovic vs Anderson Wimbledon 2015 – Spikedaily

Fourth set: *Djokovic 2-1 Anderson (*denotes next server)

At 15-0, a rare serve and volley from Anderson – and it backfires. The error makes it 15-15, then a Djokovic misfire with a wide-open court before him makes it 30-15. A pair of errors gives Djokovic a break-point chance at 30-40, but a big serve bails him out once again. At deuce, Djokovic steps up on Anderson’s second serve and attacks his forehand, earning a second break opportunity. Extraordinary return winner from Djokovic locks down the break of serve and Boris Becker, Novak’s coach, is first to his feet in the box.

Fourth set: *Djokovic 3-2 Anderson
Anderson darts ahead 30-0 on a service winner followed by a lunging volley that Djokovic hardly gets a racket on. A Djokovic shot into the net off an Anderson half-volley makes it 40-0, then yet another booming serve gives the South African the hold.

Fourth set: Djokovic 4-2 Anderson*
Another hold at love for Novak. That’s 10 straight points on Djokovic’s serve.

Fourth set: *Djokovic 4-3 Anderson
Anderson serving with not quite the consistency of the previous sets, but it’s still been the equalizer. Moves ahead 30-0 then 40-15 with a series of service winners, then dials in another ace to secure the hold. Chair umpire Carlos Bernardes now on phone during changeover, presumably with tournament officials regarding the fate of this match once last light disappears. Will it continue tomorrow on No1 Court on tonight under the Centre Court lights?

Fourth set: Djokovic 5-3 Anderson*
Another emphatic hold from Djokovic, who’s moves ahead 40-0 after a winner down the line followed by a service winner. That’s 13 straight points for Djokovic on his serve. An error makes it 40-15, but he closes it out on the next point. Light disappearing by the minute here.

Fourth set: *Djokovic 5-4 Anderson
A service winner followed by an ace give Anderson a 30-0 lead. Djokovic pounces on a 110mph second serve and scores with the backhand winner, but Anderson responds with a 132mph ace to make it 40-15. Then a 140mph would-be ace that’s called – and confirmed – out. Extended rally at 40-15 ends when Anderson somehow curls a forehand passing shot into the corner. How about that! Djokovic will now serve to force a fifth set. Deafening cheers on No1 court during the changeover.
Novak Djokovic wins the fourth set!

Fourth set: Djokovic 6-4 Anderson
A 112mph service winner gives Anderson the early edge, but Djokovic nets a forehand on the next point to make it 15-15. Another service winner makes it 30-15, and a misfired forehand on the following point gives Djokovic a pair of set points as the clock strikes 9pm. A stupidly athletic cross-court winner on the run gives Djokovic the set and we’re heading to a fifth set. spikedaily.com



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