₱ 9 Billion Pesos Mayweather Earnings Against Pacquiao Last Battle for Greatness Fight

Mayweather Earnings Against Pacquiao
Mayweather Earnings Against Pacquiao - SpikeDaily

Over ₱9 Billion Pesos (American) Floyd Mayweather earnings against (Filipino) Manny Pacquiao last fight Named – Battle for Greatness, True to his moniker, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is about to make some money. Lots of it, actually.

According to ESPN.com, boxing’s pound-for-pound king is expected to earn $220 million to $230 million (approximately at least ₱9.93 billion) from his fight against Manny Pacquiao.
Pacquiao, based on their 60-40 pay agreement, will rake in about $150 million (approximately ₱6.78 billion) but his earnings will take a significant cut after he pays promoter Bob Arum and Top Rank, as per ESPN.com.

Mayweather has no such worry as he owns his own promotional company.
Both fighters will earn their biggest paydays in their careers after working for 36 minutes and wearing ultra-comfortable shorts.

According to Forbes Magazine top 100 highest paid celebrities 2015, The report earnings for 12 months of

  1. May Weather – $300 Million all time payday.
  2. Manny Pacquiao – $ 160 Million
  3. Katy Perry – $135 million
  4. One Direction – $130Million
  5. Howard Stern – $95 Million

According to the report, the money to be given to the boxers would come from the guaranteed fight purse, $72 million in tickets sales-this doesn’t include the record $19 million pay-per-view sales- and a record $6.9 million from closed-circuit revenue.

South East Asia: Manila – SpikeDaily.com


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