Tennis French Open 2015 Stan Wawrinka Men’s Single Grand Champion

tennis french open 2015
Tennis French Open 2015 Stan Wawrinka Men's Single Grand Champion


Tennis French Open 2015 Stan Wawrinka Men’s Single Grand Champion was separate his wife have after the Swiss star admitted the “challenges” of his professional career made it no longer possible for them to live as “a team and a family.”

This is the second time that Wawrinka and his wife Ilham, who have a daughter Alexia, have separated since marrying in 2009.

Said Wawrinka: Not surprisingly Wawrinka seemed grateful for the part his shorts had played in one of the biggest wins of his career, proudly displaying them as he faced the assembled media.

You have to make sacrifices,” he said after his win over Djokovic, which has propelled him up to fourth in the rankings. “You have to work out, to be relaxed in your mind, to focus on what you’re doing. I’m still surprised that in two months I can win the French Open, because I wasn’t in good shape.

“It was a tough, tough moment for me. To say that now I won the French Open, it’s something completely crazy.”

But with a second grand slam title on the mantlepiece, and a pair of shorts in the wardrobe of tennis history, things are looking up for the new Swiss No. 1.

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