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How much mobile advertising cost?

The advertising cost of mobile platform is not stable rate, most companies pricing bid based on 30%-50% cost investment rate effective CPM (cost per impression). Which means if you bid your ads $0.25 per 1000 impression and your target unique mobile ads display is 5000 you will pay $1.25 to mobile advertising agencies who run your ads. If you bid your ads in CPM based best option you should do is choose the right keywords with high CTR (click-through rate) to get high ROI (return on investment) Because if you don’t do the right option, you are bleeding money you invest money without any returns.

How does mobile advertising CPC bid works?

CPC bid in mobile advertising is one of high return on investment option in terms of mobile affiliate method, Because advertisers pay only, if your ads click in mobile platform even thousands of impression your ads views. Top advertising networks minimum average CPC bid is $0.01, $0.02, $0.03 up to $0.90 per click, those numbers above are the possible amount advertisers payment invest of their mobile ad display campaign.

Take note: CPC bid we’ve mentioned above is only average rate assuming that CPM rate is lower than CPC bid rate it will multiply into 400% of you CPM minimum price bid.

for example if you bid a CPC of $0.05 and you make a CTR of 0.50%, then you’re eCPM is $0.25 per thousands ad views. If you bid higher CPC rate your ads will increase CTR back-then higher sales or ROI of your campaign.

Why CPI(cost per install) in mobile advertising is better?

This type of mobile advertising campaign CPI is very popular in mobile application engage to any different categories by installing apps in many mobile platform like smart phone, iPhone, android. Learn how CPI (cost per install) work and success this type of mobile campaign, The price an advertiser pays when the consumer installs the advertised application.

How You Measure CPI?
Here’s the formula: CPI = Cost/Number of Installs
How It Sizes Up
At face value, CPI seems like just a more specific version of CPA, which it is.
CPI emphasizes app downloads and installs so the advertiser gets what they pay for. However, this lower funnel activity can cost advertisers much more money (anywhere from $3-10 per installing action).