Latest urgent 100 vacancies(Entertainer(singer/dancer) ) job hiring agencies No Placement Fee!!!! required, 21 years old above 2017 job opening in Japan.

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Qualified interested applicants must be female at least 21 years old above, with or without experience, but much better applicants knew how to speak basic Nihongo language. At least 1-year experience, at least any educational background, willing to work in any various location in Japan.

Japan is the one of the most advanced technology and the most land of rising sun in ASIA, Let’s talk about the highest salary rate in Japan.


To get the exact location of the agency you can ‘search google’ the title of ‘JOPMAN CORPORATION‘ and call for any inquiries about the hiring operation.

Job Description: | No Placement Fee!!!

Vacancies: 100 Expires on: July 26, 2017
Place: Anywhere in Japan Gender: Female
Education: any Experience: with or without experience
Nationality: Filipina Age: 21 years old above


Job Information: Entertainer (Singer/Dancer) ( Japan Employment )
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