Beginners guide for the first timer, how to sign-up POEA e-registration manpower registry online. Tutorial for POEA online e-registration manual on how to activate and verify your account as an step by step sample demo.

When applying to any job posting please observe due diligence. Wag magpapaluko sa mga illegal recruiters. The POEA website is

OFWs and other countries who are willing to apply jobs vacancies abroad. Here is the procedure for first-time users, beginners guide for registration applicants on how to register? POEA online base. Here’s the step by step guide on how to do the account creation process.

The step by step guide on account creation process.

Complete the eRegistration since this is a prerequisite if you plan to apply to the job openings that will be coursed through via the Philippine Government Placement Branch (GBP) of the POEA.

From time to time, the POEA announce job openings that will be handled by the government’s Manpower Registry Division. Only those who are already enrolled or registered can apply since an eRegistration certificate is one of the requirements.

You can find the POEA Manpower Registry Division in Window T in the old POEA Building in Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA, below the flyover.

The required information that needs to be completely and accurately filled-up on the registration form includes:

Personal Information


Work Experience

Job Preference

Language Ability

If you will submit wrong or false information, you will be DISQUALIFIED from the pool of applicants. So make sure to only input 100% correct details during the enrollment process in POEA e-registration website.

How to eRegister in POEA Manpower Registry Division

First, go to the account creation link in POEA EPO services.POEA-online-registration

Make sure to memorize your POEA online username and password since you need this every time you want to access your account.

Click Submit after you enter the needed details.

Second, once step 1 is done, a longer personal information form will load, fill-it up completely. If there are errors, hit back button” and add the missing info or correct the wrong info.


Details needed are the following:

Last Name

First Name

Middle Name

(Optional) Appellation g. Sr, Jr, I, II, III


(Blk / Lot / No., St.)

(Subd. / Vill., Bgy.)


Contact Number/s

– Landline

– Cellphone

E-mail Address

(Optional) T.I.N.

(Optional) N.B.I. Clearance Issue Date

Passport No.

Passport Valid Until

Birth Date

Birth Place (Province)


(Optional) Religion



Civil Status

Language/s Spoken

See this screenshot as reference for the Personal Details form.


When you get to the Course field, click the button “Search and Select”. A list of courses will display. If you can’t find your course in the list, input it manually.

The same thing with the School/University field. Click “Search and Select” button, choose your school from the list. Input manually your school name if not found on the list.

Add the year of graduation.

Click SAVE.



On the work experience form, check the list of position classification as well as industry classification.

It is best to find the most fitting to the position and industry you are under in, instead of manually typing. This way POEA will be able to easier match you with existing job openings when you apply.

You can add as many experiences as you have.

Make sure to click SAVE if you don’t have any other work experience to add.

See this sample form for POEA online Work Experience



After the work experience form, there are other details that you can enter into your POEA online resume. However, please note that the following registration fields are OPTIONAL, you can SKIP these specific forms as applicable to your case:

Trainings Attended – see reference screenshot.

Professional License – see reference screenshot.

Certificate of Competence – see reference screenshot.


This is a required field in poea online account creation. On this form you can indicate your preferred position and industry as well as country to work preference.

You will also indicate why you plan to work abroad, select the most important reason.

Be with relatives

Can not find a job at home

Earn money for children’s future

Feed the family

Gain higher financial income

Help hometown to progress

Just want to go abroad for adventure

Pay debts

Put up a business

Want to be considered as “Bagong Bayani”

Click SAVE after accomplishing this form.



This is an optional field, see language ability screenshot sample. Fill this up if you know of languages other than Filipino and English, otherwise click on “skip this step”.


Once the online registration form of the Manpower Registry Division is accomplished, your POEA resume will display in full. At this point, you can now upload a recent photo.

The photo that you can upload to the POEA online registration form must meet these requirements:

Scanned PASSPORT SIZE (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm) photo

Photo must be in JPEG (.jpg) format

File size must not exceed 15K

Recommended dimension of photo : 110 x 150 pixels


You can now PRINT your resume. You need this POEA online resume if you are applying for job postings directly made by POEA Government Placement Branch.

If your circumstances have changed, example from single to married, you can update your POEA online resume by logging back to your account, click “View Resume”, then select “click here to edit this resume”.

Once you have a poea ereg account make sure to log-in at least once every 6 months. Those who will not log-in within six months will result in their account status to become inactive, the account will eventually be archived. So check and log-in regularly!

Good luck with your job application for abroad! Watch out for the job openings that we will share here in OFW Job Hiring website. Follow us on Facebook for updates!