Top Highest Paying Jobs OFW Overseas Filipino Workers

high paying jobs

In demand, highest paying jobs for (OFW) Overseas Filipino Workers. Top list jobs, with tariff rate from average gross of PHP250,000.00 per month then lowest to PHP100,000.00 PER month.

Sounds interesting, Good vibes after United states address for slow down of Filipino workers. There are 7 countries still urging Filipino workers this coming January 2016 one of the top destination still in Middle East.

high paying jobs
Top Highest Paying Jobs OFW Overseas Filipino Workers.

Workabroad said, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman, had the most number of job postings for Filipinos.

Health care industries still, the top highest paying jobs rate in United Arab Emirates, which the average rate is PHP250,000 a month.

While Canada and New Zealand health care industries inlcuding nurses and medical assistants average salary rate start at PHP170,000 a month.

United Arab Emirates, Aviation industry average salary rate start at PHP200,000.

Bahrain, architects, interior designers, public relations and communications will be paid average rate of PHP140,000.00 down to PHP100,000.00.