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Latest update to our beloved career hunters, job seekers, Today’s is the day to stop searching for fresh graduate and license engineered.

What are the standard tariff rate scale? in Kuwait jobs salary for engineer degrees on new graduate, especially branches for mechanical, chemical, electrical, civil , geotechnical , online, architectural, bio, computer, project and aerospace engineering graduates.

Top list Kuwait most highest paid job engineers

Job Title

Monthly Salary Rate

Online or Network Engineer – Manager – Position3,500 KWD
Electrical Engineer – Manager – Position3,500 KWD
Marine Engineer2,500 KWD
Drilling Engineer2,000 KWD
Civil Engineer1,880 KWD
Engineering Degree1,725 KWD
Production Engineer1,500 KWD
 Mechanical Engineer1,400 KWD
 Field Engineer1,360 KWD
 HVAC Engineering1,330 KWD
 Mechanical Engineering Manager 1,270 KWD
 Assistant Chief Engineer (Engineering) 1,250 KWD
 Project Engineer (Engineering) 1,250 KWD
 Design Engineer (Engineering) 1,240 KWD
 Electrical Engineer (Engineering) 1,230 KWD
 Safety Engineer (Engineering) 1,204 KWD
 Maintenance Engineer (Engineering) 1,167 KWD
 Project Engineer (Construction / Building / Installation) 1,075 KWD
 Equipment Engineering Manager (Engineering) 1,000 KWD
 Software Engineer (Information Technology) 751 KWD
 Quality Assurance Engineer (Engineering) 650 KWD
 Telecommunications Engineer (Telecommunication) 600 KWD
 Build and Release Engineer (Information Technology) 600 KWD
 Civil Engineer (Construction / Building / Installation) 600 KWD
 Quality Control Engineer (Quality Control and Compliance) 525 KWD
 Electrical Engineering Supervisor 400 KWD
 Sales Engineer (Engineering) 300 KWD