Highest paying jobs for foreign workers in Kuwait

real state business in kuwait

Highest paying jobs for foreign workers in Kuwait with high salary offers for filipino nurses, financial analyst, real state manager in Kuwait.

Top ten most highest paid job in Kuwait, in-built monthly pay, hourly, daily and yearly used earnings.

 [1]   Residential Property Manager (Real Estate) Monthly Income 6,800 KWD
 [2]   Financial Reporting Consultant (Accounting and Finance) Monthly Income 6,667 KWD
 [3]   HRIS Manager (Human Resources) Monthly Income 6,000 KWD
 [4]   Public Relations Manager (Public Relations)Monthly Income 5,833 KWD
 [5]   Vice President (Executive and Management) Monthly Income 5,417 KWD
 [6]   Environmental Manager (Environmental) Monthly Income 5,000 KWD
 [7]   IT Director (Information Technology) Monthly Income 5,000 KWD
 [8]   Chief Executive Officer (Executive and Management)Monthly Income 4,300 KWD


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