Japan Urgent 12 Million Job Opening for Filipinos

Japan Job Opening

Japan 12 million worker they are calling to our fellow Filipinos willing to work abroad, 12 Millions of jobs 2016 opening offer by Japanese country male and female.

Japan Job Vacancies Categories Open to Apply

  1. Construction Worker
  2. Ship Builder
  3. House Keeper
  4. Care Giver
  5. Factory Worker
  6. English Tutors
  7. Hotel and Restaurant Staff


Estimated 12 Million Japan jobs opening for Filipinos,  more than 12 million job vacancies  opening in Japan 2015 and 2016 despite of strict immigration policy according to Japan Human Resources Institute.

The Japanese government confirmed that they are now need of some foreign workers to work for them due to the aging population of the country.
They revealed to the media that some of the job vacancies that Filipinos could apply are the following:

Construction Worker, Housekeeper, Caregiver, Factory Workers, English Tutors, Hotel and Restaurant staffs.

For those who wants to apply for jobs in Japan, they are required first to undergo training, study the language and culture of Japan, before they can proceed to the application process based on their capabilities as a worker.

The President of the Japan Human Resources Institute, Kazuo Miura noted that those applicants who can passed all the requirements needed could enjoy the “No Placement Policy” of the Japanese government to foreign workers from the Philippines.