13 Job Interview Mistake Should Avoid

Job Interview Mistake

Applicant must know the most important job interview preparation and avoidance steps of possible job interview mistake.

Why you should know on this? Because job interview is the best way to know the capability, analyze, assess, nature, communication skill, social behavior, additional information, attitude and knowledge of every applicant candidates. So job interview is very important in helping the interviewer to choose the right candidate of their organization/companies.

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Today there are 13 possible job interview mistake you should avoid.

1. Arriving late or arriving too early

If you are arriving late, you might as well skip the whole interview. If this is what you are doing on the job interview day when you are trying to leave the best impression then what will you do after you get the job?? Punctuality is very important to employers. On the other hand, arriving too early will make you look desperate. It is best to arrive right on time.

2. Dressing up wrongly

Ever heard of “love at first sight”? The first impression the employer will get about you is from the way you look. You need to dress up appropriately for the position you are applying to.

3. Not knowing basic information about the company.

Having absolutely no idea about the company’s products and services shows a lack of interest in the job. Interviewers will like someone who has researched the company ahead of the interview. It shows enthusiasm and interest.

4. Talk too much or not talk at all

There is nothing much worse than interviewing someone who goes on and on and on… The interviewer really doesn’t need to know your whole life story. Keep your answers brief and direct to the point. Do not interrupt the employer. On the other hand, answering everything by just “Yes” or “No” will not help either. Make sure to say something informative and useful.

5. Failure to connect yourself to the job offered.

You are a rocket scientist who recently lost his job and now you are applying for a job at McDonalds. The employer doesn’t care about your ability to fly shuttles around the moon, all he needs to know is whether you can slip that piece of meat between the two slices of bread. You need to link your knowledge to the offered job and show the interviewer how your experience relates to it. Don’t talk about unrelated skills.

6. Not asking questions or asking too many.

In the interview, you are the one who should be answering and not the other way around. Keep your questions to a reasonable level and that they highlight your interest in the functionality of the job. Make sure to ask at least one question.

7. Asking about salary too soon.

You don’t want to sound too materialistic. The salary issue will come eventually. Wait for the interviewer to bring up this matter. Focus on presenting yourself as the best person for the job.

8. Attacking past employers

The world is small and you don’t know who your interviewer might know, including your previous idiot boss. Also, the employer will think that you will ill-speak him once you leave the company.

9. Being too modest or too flashy

The interview is your chance to shine and highlight your abilities. Modesty is great thing but not during a job interview, but that doesn’t mean that you should be “Mr. only I can do it and no one else can”. Be balanced.

10. Excessive Perfumes

That can be so annoying sometimes. It is a job interview, not your wedding night.

11. Failing to remember what you wrote on your own resume.

Interviewer: “So, in what year did you graduate?”. You: “1985”. Interviewer: “It says 1986 on your resume”. You: “It does?!”. Ouch! Get out of there while you still have some dignity.

12. Complaining about anything!

You nobody wants to hire someone who is easily irritated. You have plenty of time later to suggest changes but for now, stay cooperative and smile.

13. Looking desperate.

Even if you are, don’t show it. It will make your position week. You will not be able to negotiate salary and benefits later.


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