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How to Monetize Dailymotion Video

Become Dailymotion publisher money sharing videos on your site, Dailymotion has already proposed in the past to share advertising revenue with video creators. This time it’s different: the video platform decided to offer revenue sharing (advertising) to all publishers who will embed the player on their site.

Dailymotion publisher

Big change. So this is like Google Adsense for videos. Youtube may be doing the same thing soon (*)…
(*) Currently on YouTube video creators can monetize with Adsense, but publishers who are sharing the videos can’t earn money.


For now it seems that revenue sharing is only for websites in United States and France. I registered and received a confirmation email that says it takes 2-3 days to be approved.

You can apply here : publishers.dailymotion.com

The first partners are Orange, Msn, TVGuide, Veoh and Tumtiki.

Dailymotion.com has 114 million unique visitors per month (190 million including all third-party websites) and 1.4 billion videos viewed monthly.



How to enable monetization

Enabling monetization allows you to start earning revenue from your videos and unlocks advanced features. Learn more about monetization and its benefits here.

To enable monetization, follow the steps below.

  • Hover over the Dailymotion logo in the top-right of the home page to show your channel menu.
  • Click Settings from the channel menu.
  • Click the Enable Monetization button. A modal box will appear.


After reading the Dailymotion Partner Terms & Conditions, you can agree to them by clicking the I Agree button.
After you’ve enabled monetization, you will immediately be able to earn revenue from your videos and use advanced features. Learn what you can do here.