Gerson Escobar vs Jorge Alberto Romero Ayala Full Fight

Gerson Escobar vs Jorge Alberto Romero Ayala Full Fight – Friday 3, August 2018

Mexican boxing latest fight videos for lightweight championship Gerson Escobar, and Jorge Alberto Romero Ayala men’s professional boxing round league. Listed as under-cards events of major upcoming biggest Mexican boxing fights scheduled at Auditorio Blackberry, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico on Friday 03 of August 2018.

In lightweight contest , 8 rounds of boxing non title fight under weight class at weighing record between 130 pounds (59 kilograms) and up to 135 pounds (61.2 kilograms) 2018. Stay tuned the current 8 best rounds of Mexican non title boxing fight comes up at Distrito Federal, Mexico for the imminent boxing scheduled fights slat professional events on USA Telemundo TV channel.

The results and final recap tonight’s main event will be expected to starts at ESPN, 10:00 pm ET 2018 on Friday night August 03.

Super Lightweight boxers 2018 world top no.429 / 1,940 boxing champion Gerson Escobar entered this fight, with boxing record of (4-4(1KOS)-2, 3KOS) with 30% knockout rate versus Jorge Alberto Romero Ayala (7-0-0, 3KOS) the challenger’s world top no. 347 / 1,981, officials announced.

Boxing Fight :

Gerson Escobar v Jorge Alberto Romero Ayala

Saturday 04, August 2018

Lightweight Contest, 8 Rounds

  • Promoter: All Star Boxing – Tuto Zabala Jr, Producciones Deportivas – Ricardo Maldonado
  • Television: USA Telemundo
  • Weigh-in results: Gerson Escobar 135lbs, Jorge Alberto Romero Ayala 135lbs

Escobar v Romero Ayala Full Fight Video – Friday 03, August 2018
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