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Easy send money online

A short reviews of Popmoney genuine send money fund transfer included servicing bank partner PNC, Ally, US.  Best alternative choice to Paypal users with invoicing system ‘person to person’ or P2P electronic payment and fund transfer to your friends, college, family, small business, bill.

The best interesting services of this, you can easily send your money to anyone with a US bank account.

List of US Bank Popmoney partner sending money transaction without payment to their services.

  1. Ally Bank
  2. TD Bank
  3. Fifth Third Bank
  4. Regions Bank
  5. US Bank
  6. Bank of America
  7. PNC Bank N,A
  8. Sun Trust Bank
  9. Wells Fargo Bank


List of Philippine Bank allow Popmoney transaction services

  1. CITI Bank


Reason why you choose Popmoney today,

For small business transaction you can easily send electronic payment to vendors, employees, costumer invoices and receiving payments.

How it works? – To pay vendors, employees and invoice customers, simply sign on to Citi Online next go to Payments or Transfers. Once you’ve done enrolling, add contacts (payees), and quickly send payments to vendors and employees in the US with a bank account by using his/her email address or bank account information.


Email confirmation required?- After you receive an email notification from one of your customers or vendors is paying an invoice. The money will be automatically sent to your account and deposited.


For P2P orPerson to Persontransaction – wait for email confirmation send by email or text message that someone is sending you money. Next is sign on to Citi Online to enroll with Popmoney, and set up Auto Deposit. The money will be sent to your account and deposited.


Users transaction reminder,

When receiver is someone close to you or like a family member, you can easily send money directly to his/her bank account. But if the receiver someone does not wish to share his/her account information or privately , alternative option is you can easily send the money to the Payee’s email id or mobile number.


Users cannot send money via the PopMoney website. You can only send money through a bank that provides this services.


Once the money was sent via a bank account, once the receiver acknowledges the transfer, the money is deposited directly to the account.


If the money was sent via an email id or a mobile number, the receiver has to register with PopMoney, link his/her email id/mobile number to his bank account and the money is deposited there. This extra step prevents the sender from knowing the receiver’s bank account information.


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