The Filipinos are supported pyesta ng mga pelikulang pinoy (Metro Manila Film Festival) or MMFF 2017-2018. Millions of Pinoy’s searching the result of mmff 2017 gross. According to MMFF official managment as of January 17,2018 events has been exceed the PHP1 Billion target of ticket sales local and international box office results.

Breaking record on first and second day results combining all mmff 2017 entries now on top grosser films including the 2018 gross income.

The MMFF 2017-2018 management said on Facebook page, first day and second day of gross result cruise past the 2015 gross income. But, unfortunately many of Filipino netizen’s opinion disagree the favor of film distribution nation wide.

We back to early 2015 MMFF(Metro Manila Film Festival), the first day gross earned more or less PHP150 Million(estimated only), on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th day gross earned PHP450 Million(estimated only) and the total gross announced around PHP1 Billion total gross income, source Rappler.

Here is the real story, behind the announcement of total gross,

Noel Ferrer, MMFF’s spokesperson, said on CNN Philippines’ “The Source” that as of now, no one can announce the opening day total gross figures and the official entries’ day-to-day ranking since all the producers and the MMFF Execom (Executive Committee) members agreed to wait until the film fest ends before releasing the official box-office results. Any film producer who comes up with box office figures will be investigated, and when caught, will be banned from joining the MMFF again.

This rule was enforced so all moviegoers will watch a film fest entry not because it is the top grosser, but because they really want to see it.

Noel added that he and the MMFF booking and play date staff are meeting so that films that are not doing well at the box office can still avail of screening schedules in cinemas. He said that film entries that will be pulled out of cinemas until Dec. 31 will get a chance to be re-shown starting January 1.

The awards night for the ongoing 43rd MMFF is set on Wednesday night at the Kia Theater, where trophies will be given out to the Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor/Best Supporting Actress, Best Picture and others.

The rules has been fair to every Filipino film makers(producers) through their fashion and compassion. Not all Filipino films will match the taste of spectators, and then to avoid speculations gross results without citation source. This is the best action (as the opinion).

This is the best part of this prestigious events and to our moviegoers, Maybe First week of January or second week of January 2018 will the unleashed of the mmff 2017-2018 top grossing films.

Millions of hunger will be full, “Ang pagtangkilik ng sariling atin ay isang paraan ng pagmamahal sa bayan”.

mmff 2018 box office total gross
MMFF 2018 Box Office Total Gross

MMFF 2017 Top Grosser | Top 4 Films Highest Box Office Gross Result.

  1. Gandarrapiddo: The Revenger Squad 2017
  2. Ang Panday
  3. Siargao
  4. Haunted Forest


MMFF 2017 Official Management Released the the top 4 most high grossing film of this season.

After days and weeks to find the official result of MMFF 2017-2018 box office total gross released. The Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), through its Facebook page, released on Monday, January 8, the results of the two-week run in terms of box-office returns.

The 43rd edition of MMFF features eight official entries: All of You, Ang Larawan, Deadma Walking, Haunted Forest, Meant to Beh, Ang Panday, Siargao, and Gandarrapiddo: The Revenger Squad.

As posted around 1:40 p.m., the MMFF posted: “We have exceeded our 1 billion target.”

MMFF 2017 awards night: Full list of winners who are awarded as best pictures, actress, actors, supporting, director, performer and people choice awards.

  • Best Picture – “Ang Larawan”
  • Best Actress – Joanna Ampil, “Ang Larawan”
  • Best Actor – Derek Ramsay, “All of You”
  • 2nd Best Picture – “Siargao”
  • 3rd Best Picture – “All of You”
  • Special Jury Prize – Coco Martin, “Ang Panday”
  • Special Jury Prize – Nick Joaquin
  • People’s Choice Award – “GandaRappido: The Revenger Squad”
  • Best Supporting Actress – Jasmine Curtis Smith, “Siargao”
  • Best Supporting Actor – EA Guzman, “Deadma Walking”
  • Gatpuno Antonio J. Villegas Cultural Award – “Ang Larawan”
  • Best Director – Paul Soriano, “Siargao”
  • Fernando Poe Jr. Memorial Award – “Ang Panday”
  • Children’s Choice Award – “Ang Panday”
  • Best Screenplay – “All of You”
  • Best Editor – Mark Victor, “Siargao”
  • Best Cinematography – “Siargao”
  • Best Production Design – “Ang Larawan”
  • Best Visual Effects – “Ang Panday”
  • Best Musical Score – Ryan Cayabyab, “Ang Larawan”
  • Best Original Theme Song – Alon by Hale, “Siargao”
  • Best Sound – “Siargao”
  • Best Child Performer – Baby Baste, “Meant To Beh”
  • Best Float – “Deadma Walking”
  • Best Short Film – “Anong Nangyari kay Nicanor Dante”
  • People’s Choice Award (Short Films) – “Noel”
  • Star of the Night (Female) – Erich Gonzales
  • Star of the Night (Male) – Derek Ramsay

The eight official entries named are follows;
“All of You,” “Gandarrapido! The Revenger Squad,” “Meant to `Beh,” “Ang Panday,” “Deadma Walking,” “Haunted Forest,” “Ang Larawan” and “Siargao.”

All Of You 2017 Dec 25 | Quantum Films

Gab and Gabby, two individuals who have strong opposing views on love and marriage, fall in love and agree to be in a committed relationship, notwithstanding their differing outlook in life. As they hit the 3-year mark, the couple find themselves back to where they started, as they ask themselves where their relationship is headed. Will they meet halfway or move on to different directions?

Gandarrappido!: The Revenger Squad (2017) | Star Cinema

Gandarrapiddo: The Revenger Squad is the story of Gandarra (Vice Ganda), Rapiddo (Daniel Padilla), and Kweenie (Pia Wurtzbach), who are all trying to attain and protect what is most precious to them. Family is the only thing that binds them, but as they stick to their separate missions, dark secrets arise and threaten to destroy everything they hold dear. Can they set aside their differences to find the only great power that will make them “super”?

Meant to Beh (2017) | APT Entertainment, M-Zet Productions, OctoArts Films

A family is on the brink of disintegration because its core foundation is missing.

Ang Panday (2017) | CCM Film Productions, Viva Films

Lizardo, the immortal evil nemesis of Panday comes back from the world of darkness to once again bring havoc to the human race. With Flavio III not knowing that his bloodline is the only one capable of destroying Lizardo, he will have to scour different worlds to be able to gain the trust of the mythical power of the legendary sword.

Deadma Walking (2017) | T-Rex Entertainment Productions

A Palanca-winning comedy about gay best friends for life John (Joross Gamboa) and Mark (Edgar Allan Guzman) whose friendship is put to the test when one of them has a terminal illness and asks the other to help him stage his fake death, wake, and funeral as his dying wish. The result is a laughfest of “deadly” proportions.

Haunted Forest (2017) | Regal Films

A murder cryptomnesia, a quest, a disturbing encounter.

Ang larawan (2017) | Culturtain Musicat Productions

In a musical tale about standing together against materialism, two impoverished sisters anguish over whether or not to sell a painting, the final masterpiece by their recluse father. A bitter struggle for survival against betrayal set in pre-World War II Manila.

Siargao (2017) | TEN17P

Three souls vibe in the island off of northeastern Mindanao.