Seklusyon Gross Box Office Result


Reality Entertainment latest movie “Seklusyon” MMFF 2016 gross opening on first day ₱…still updating. Main cast Rhed Bustamante, Neil Sese,Ronnie Alonte, Phoebe Walker, Rhed Bustamante, Dominic Roque, Lou Veloso, Phoebe Walker now showing nationwide December 25,2016.

MTRCB Rating:PG | Genre: Suspense,Horror,Drama, | Director: Erik Matti | Available in: 2D

(UnOfficial)Total Estimated Box Office Breakdown Result

Opening grossLocalInternationalTotal gross
‎1st week‎2nd week‎total ‎estimated income:‎4th week
‎₱8,500,000.00Million as of December 28, 2016‎₱‎₱‎₱‎
(UnOfficial) Total estimated gross Income: ₱8,500,000.00 as of December 28, 2016


#SEKLUSYON Story Synopsis:

It is said that the last seven days before ordination is the most dangerous for deacons. The devil will haunt and tempt them out of priesthood so the church sends them into a strict house of seclusion where they will be kept safe and far from worldly desires. But when a little girl reputed to be a “messenger of God” and a nun, serving as her guardian enters, rules of the house are broken one by one as each deacon faces their demons in a battle to guard their faith.

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