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The Escort lovi poe

The Escort – Produce by Regal Films, estimated total box office result, from day 1 opening gross record up to final 4th-week total inventory box office result.

The Filipino film, “the escort” leading cast Lovi Poe former October cover girls in men’s magazine shows her character as Yassi single-handedly faces the conflicting issues in her life while trying to stand up to preserve herself in the process.

Derek Ramsay “Cyrus” maintains AN escort service bureau that caters to AN elite people. He meets pretty server Yassi and invites/lures her to figure as a secretary in his company with a far larger payroll check as a return on.

The Escort lovi poe

” The Escort “gives the viewers a peek at associate trade that’s not overtly talked regarding, however escort women influence inconceivable difficulties from all types of purchasers in exchange for the massive usd and luxury at their disposal.

Director Enzo Williams, triumph producer glorious for his contentious film, Bonifacio: National Guard Unang Pangulo, offers The Escort, a movie with a recent and attention-grabbing plot that has not been tackled before.

Days of operating for the escort agency has exposed Yassi to the unsavory aspect of the business that she has managed to embrace if just for the money to feed and send her siblings to highschool. this is often amid the pressure placed on her by Cyrus the Younger to ’level up’ and be a part of the opposite women and meet purchasers out.

Lovi fits her role to a T, her beautiful presence is matched by her calm behavior amid exchange of meaty dialogues between her and also the 2 men UN agency powerfully want her, her boss Cyrus the Younger and also the adult male and powerful man of affairs Gary Montenilla (Christopher de Leon).


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