Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo – Box Office Result

Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo

October 5, 2016 Mihk Vergara latest movie ‘Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo’ reviews on initial estimated opening, weekly and total gross income as of October 5,2016 until November 5,2016.

MTRCB Rating: G | Genre: Drama,Action, | Director: Mihk Vergara

Main Cast: Cast: Nafa Hilario-Cruz, Lenlen Frial, William Buenavente.

Also Starring: Claude Adrales, Vincent Magbanua, Suzette Ranillo, and Katya Santos.
Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo


On the streets of Barangay San Jose, one game rules the streets – Patintero. Meng Francisco is the neighborhood ‘patalo’, a loser who hasn’t won a single game. With the Linggo ng Wika Sportsfest playing host to the biggest Patintero stage there is, Meng assembles an unlikely team of fellow losers to try and turn things around: Nicay, her over studious best friend, Shifty, the weird but well-meaning new kid, and the enigmatic urban vigilante Z-boy.

As the team trains, battles and claws its way to the top, they discover there may be more at stake for them than just winning or losing.

Producers: Dan Villegas and Bernard Dacanay
Executive Producers: Fernando Ortigas, E.A. Rocha, Jalz Zarate, Yano Escueta, John Sy, and Mihk Vergara
Screenplay: Zig Marasigan
Director of Photography: Myco David

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