September 28, 2016 Ms. Alex Gonzaga and Joseph Marco lates loveteam movie ‘My Rebound Girl’ reviews on initial estimated opening, weekly and total gross income as of September 28,2016 up to October 28,2016.

My Rebound Girl gross
MTRCB Rating: PG | Genre: Comedy,Romance, | Director: Emmanuel Dela Cruz
Main Cast: Alex Gonzaga, Joseph Marco


A relatable, heart-wrenching yet heart-warming story that will hit you hard with reality–but it might just heal your bitter, black, broken heart.

Rocky (Alex Gonzaga), struggles to find the right person as her past relationships didn’t end well. She promised herself not to experience the same heartaches from her previous partners and made a list on how not to be a rebound girl. However, all of her made-up rules didn’t work out when she met Rich (Joseph Marco) who also came from a break-up with his six-year relationship. At first, Rocky purely hates Rich but as the time goes by, she eventually falls in love with him even she knows that she could be hurt again because of the same situation.

My Rebound Girl looks promising in the trailer but the thing is, it is really frustrating to watch. You have two charming lead stars in the mix, but it seems that they had a hard time to sell their chemistry. Some of the scenes feel forced, and some are just plainly weird. The comedy isn’t much good either and even the story is simple they made it too complicated resulting to make the film’s run time bloated.

We had high hopes with the lead stars since Alex Gonzaga has a talent in comedy, and Joseph Marco has the looks to be the perfect leading man. However, Alex may have overdone her role while Joseph Marco really struggles to hit the right spot to stand his ground.They both had the time to shine but was befuddled down by the script.

Overall, My Rebound Girl was a complete disappointment. It had the right tools to be a memorable rom-com but sadly it can’t provide the necessary things to make the entire thing work.

Total Estimated Box Office Breakdown Result

Opening Gross
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1st Week Gross2nd Week3rd Week4th Week
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