AlDub: Imagine you and Me Gross PHP420,000,000.00 Million in Just 11 Days

Imagine you and Me gross sales

AlDub Movie: “Imagine you and Me gross” income sales is now officially Box Office Hit PHP420,000,000.00 Million in just 11 Days after ₱21.5 Million first day opening gross. As of today July 24, 2016 update of latest earnings result.

Imagine you and Me gross sales

2016 Philippines films ‘Imagine you and Me‘ is now most high grossing film on first day sales ₱21.5 Million.

Millions of AlDub fans all around the world react about the estimated initial breakdown ‘Imagine you and Me‘ total estimated gross income from day 1 ₱21,500,000.00, Day 2: ₱36,000,000.00, Day 3: ₱73,000,000.00. Day 5: ₱150,000,000.00, Day 11: ₱420,000,000.00 million (as of July 24, 2016)