‘Love Me Tomorrow’ Piolo Pascual – Box Office Results Total Gross Income

Love Me Tomorrow

Love me Tomorrow total box office gross day 1 ₱13,000,000.00. Directed by: Gino M. Santos a proudly 26 years old truly talented Filipino film director, created new movie ‘Love Me Tomorrow‘ together with main cast; Pio Pascual, Dawn Zulueata, Collen Garcia and Maxine Magalona.

'Love Me Tomorrow' Piolo Pascual
(Courtesy Photo via: twitter.com/ginomsantos)

2016 box office total estimated results, Opening gross and latest update as of May 25,2016 ‘Thursday’. Total gross results opening income day 1 May 25, 2016 revealed earn (₱13,000,000.00).

‘Love Me Tomorrow’ now showing 200 cinemas nationwide, Graded B produced by Star Cinema.

Opening GrossProduction OutfitDirectorTotal Gross Income
May 25,2016 ₱13,000,000.00Star CinemaGino M. SantosTotal (est.)Gross as of May 26, 2016 ₱13,000,000.00
Total Gross as of May 30, 2016


The Movie Making

In the story, Piolo play as JC, a happy-go-lucky DJ who will find meaning in life when he meets Dawn’s character Cristy.

Meanwhile, Coleen is Janine, a young socialite who will cross paths and forges friendship with Dawn’s character – a married fashion designer. Coleen will also develop a no-label “connection” with Piolo’s character.

This coming-of-different-ages film definitely shows how age doesn’t matter this 2016.

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