‘LOVE is Blind’ Derek Ramsay Total Gross Income Result

'LOVE is Blind' Derek Ramsay

The new romantic comedy film ‘LOVE is Blind’total gross income results now earn ₱50,000,000.00 after opening gross box office movie under Regal Films, Directed by Jason Paul Laxamana, main cast Derek Ramsay, Solenn Heussaff, Kiray Celis, language: tagalog and english.


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'LOVE is Blind' Derek Ramsay
LOVE IS BLIND.’ Former couple Derek Ramsay and Solenn Heussaff star in ‘Love is Blind,’ alongside Kiray Celis and Kean Cipriano. Screengrab from YouTube/Regal Entertainment, Inc.

MANILA, Philippines – Ever since Astro Mayabang (2010), it seems director Jason Paul Laxamana has been obsessed with outward appearances and how Filipino society normally puts a premium upon them.

The film, which tackled a young man who literally wears his Filipino pride wherever he goes, is a blunt and rather obvious commentary on the shallowness of popular nationalism, which feels more like a product of mass media and consumerism rather than actual patriotism.


Laxamana’s second feature, Babagwa (2013) involvd a petty crook who lures wealthy, lonely women on the Internet to give him money in exchange for promises of romance. Again, Laxamana has characters that are consumed by image, which in this case, is imagined via the machinations of social media.

With a taut and tight narrative that gives way to observations that are too familiar to be comfortable, the film offers an entertaining yet troubling look into lives that are dominated by both the need to connect and the fantasy of being able to do better than what reality can meagerly provide.

Latest: ₱50,000,000.00 Million Total Gross: 55,000,000.00 Million (est.)