Darna 2016 teaser, cast, trailer calendar countdown Darna is one of the most highest rating it gained a 52.1% rating on its 4th episode in the year of 2005. It is because of the first reveal of Darna from Narda main cast Angel Locsin.


News update Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2015 showed new Darna 2016 teaser wows movie goers, this could be most trending telefantasyserye produced by ABS-CBN from the adaptation of Mars Ravelo’s “Darna” by Star Cinema has started to create buzz Darna 2016 cast.


The new Darna teaser ABS-CBN being shown before each screening of MMFF top grosser awardee“Beauty and the Bestie” followed by “All You Need is Pag-ibig.” But the main darna cast still undefined who will portray the superheroine Philippine comics character Darna made by Mar’s Ravelo, it definitely caught the attention of movie-goers because of the treatment in the new version.

Watch Darna 2016 Teaser

Short Story:

Darna Pinoy comic character is a perfect example of how the image of women changed – from being powerless to superheroine. Darna’s mission is to fight and keep the peace in the community. She fought criminals and other villains.

Though women attract male audiences because of the so-called “woman’s body power” Darna’s birth gave the Filipino moviegoers a new side of women when she had her first action flight in 1951  in Fernando Poe Senior’s Royal films production- “DARNA”.


Darna Rumours

After Angel Locsin bow-out because she suffered a spinal disc bulge while training for the movie.

8 Rumors guess possible next new version Darna 2016 main cast sensation Pinoy comic character:

  1.  Yam Conception,
  2. Nadine Lustre,
  3. Anne Curtis,
  4. Iza Calzado,
  5. Liza Soberano,
  6. Maja Salvador,
  7. Melai Canteveros
  8. Jessy Mendiola.

Watch Darna 2016 Teaser trailer

Watch the teaser trailer below and tell us your first impression of the movie:

One of the primary names that like a shot surfaced is Anne Curtis. Her co-Showtime host Karylle believes that Anne’s physical strength makes her suited the strenuous activities demanded to effectively portray the character.


Isabel Oli agrees, oral communication that Anne’s active mode is comparable to Angel’s, giving her the flexibility to perform the mandatory stunts.

However, another starting time host, Ryan Bang, thinks that Karylle really has what it takes to be successive Darna. however Karylle insists on Anne and, possibly, Ella Cruz. Ella, consistent with Karylle, has associate degree simple attractiveness apart from her outstanding performing arts skills.


The next name on the list is Iza Calzado. yet one more starting time host, Eric Tai, expresses that Iza has superhero potential given her engineered. Eric conjointly says that Iza comes as a complete package thanks to her very good acting skills.


One of the foremost well-liked stars of today’s generation, Liza Soberano, appears to be a favorite alternative. Well-known news reader brandy mountain peak shares that Liza has associate degree aura that’s unambiguously hers creating her a decent match for the role.

Likewise, actress-comedienne Melai Cantiveros likes to check Liza clinch the role as a result of the desires to check the young star in a very fully new genre. intelligibly, Ogie Diaz, Liza’s handler, is hoping for constant fate for his creator, oral communication that Liza possesses the qualities expected of Darna.


An equally distinguished young player, Nadine Lustre, is additionally enclosed on the list. Sports AthleteTV host Gretchen Ho approves of Nadine’s overall tense and powerful temperament, oral communication that this may enable her to administer justice to the role. additionally, actress-host Amy Perez notes that Nadine’s distinctive beauty makes her excellent for the half.


Meanwhile, multimedia system star Toni Gonzaga and actor John Arcilla ar each in agreement that Maia Salvador ought to be successive Darna not only for her horny physique however conjointly for her refreshing acting.

Although there’s a lot of anticipation for the Star Cinema film, there’s still no judicial decision free.


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